Friday, February 5, 2016

STORAGE:: Photo Album Cases (BIG Project)

I have been wanting to do something with all of my old photo albums forEVER.  Shortly after moving  to Texas and realizing how limited our storage space was, I stopped creating any new photo albums altogether, (except for vacation albums.)

My albums date back to 1991 when I graduated from Creighton University and ended with 2008.  With the advances in technology, from 2009 onward, I used digital picture frames (for a few years) and saved photos on USB drives.

But there was still the problem with what to do with all of those albums.  They were eating up so much space.

A few weeks ago, I find inspiration on Pinterest.  I came across these photo storage cases::

These Container Store brand storage cases hold 12 separate cases inside, each is suppose to hold up to (100) 4x6 pictures.  They run about $25.  Yikes!

I posted the idea on FB and my friend  Mary  told me about the IRIS brand at Michael's that are usually always on sale.

The IRIS brand from Michael's have 16 cases (4 more!)  inside and each holds up to (100) 4x6 photos.  I bought these on sale for $20.00 each!!

Bigger and cheaper.  I like that.

I used up 2 1/2 of them eliminating 20 photo albums!!

I forgot to take a "before" picture after starting the project ::

I eliminated 20 every day photo albums, keeping the vacation photo albums as is because those are the ones that really get looked at.

My after photo ::

I organized in chronological order, and the more kids that we had, the more cases an album filled up.

I'm so excited to have some more shelf space to work with!!


A few years ago, I decided to organize the photos for my kids.  I started scanning every. single. photo. from the albums (starting with 1999, when Miss Sally was born) onto USB drives.  I made a USB drive for each of my children.  All the USB drives are up to date.

THAT was a huge HUGE project, but totally worth it.  The kids were a huge help, helping me scan the photos.

I told my mom that when she passes away, I'd love to have all of her old photo albums and recreate the same project so that each of my siblings (there's 9 of us) would have photos from our childhood.


In the end, the best thing about this project was reliving my life from 1991 onward.  Oh! The trip down memory lane.  I would text images to my siblings and we'd die laughing remembering the good ole' days.  The saddest year was 2006, the year my father passed away.  That conjured up a whole host of emotions.  All in all, I am profoundly aware of how BLESSED my life with David has been and what amazing parents I had been raised by.  So many memories.

~  Patty  ~


  1. So cool! I need to do that! My husband scanned all the photos from his 9 siblings (his mom had given each child a photo album). He collected them one at a time, scanned each photo, and returned the album with a disc to the album owner. It took him years to complete that project, but I know he is so glad that he did it.

  2. What a huge undertaking: physically and emotionally. I need to do something, mine are taking too much space as well. I should start with the digitizing. Do you need a special scanner?

    1. I've since replaced my scanner since I scanned the photos. I had an epson scanner that had a cover/lid. Now I have an epson scanner that is one of those bars. Not sure if the bar one does a good job on old, glossy paper. You could always go to a store that has a self-scanner machine (Walgreens, CVS, Office Supply) and use theirs.

  3. I need to do our photos too. Do you want to come here and do it for me? You did such a good job with yours.
    Dinner looks yummy.

    1. When you do decide to scan, just have the mind set that it will take time over a long period, but you will also be enjoying the old photos and reliving the memories :)

  4. I need to do our photos too. Do you want to come here and do it for me? You did such a good job with yours.
    Dinner looks yummy.

  5. I'm going to have to steal your idea about having a thumbdrive for each kid...when I finally start scanning my pictures! :) you get the 10% teacher discount for homeschooling?
    Thanks for the shout-out!

    1. Yes! I do. I am a member of the Home School Legal Defense and use my i.d. that they provide. JoAnn Fabrics also has the discount.


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