Sunday, February 14, 2016

Mid-February - Daybook Post

Outside my window ~

Our maple tree is full of leaf buds.

I am thankful for ~

* blue skies and warm sunshine

* my husband (I love him so much!)

What we are reading ~

This is SO adorable with the words set to the song, The Itsy Bitsy Spider.

It is the last winter-themed book I added to our book basket this year.

I pulled out our Lent Book / CD/ DVD bin.

There's something for everyone in our family inside the Lent bin!  For a look inside, you can click on this link.

I also pulled out our collection of books celebrating the Feast of St. Valentine.  Click here if you are  interested.

From the school room ~

* Stan the man is almost finished studying the Colonial Period in history.  I purchased the Liberty Kids series (from PBS) as a supplement.  He LOVES it!

* For St. Valentine's day, our homeschool group took valentines and cookies to a local nursing home.  The kids and adults visited with the residents for awhile.  (Pure sweetness!)

I am praying for ~

* three friends who are trying to sell their houses

* a fruitful Lent

* my children, from head to toe

* my Confirmation students

* all those who have asked me to pray for them

* for the repose of the soul of Justice Scalia (and our country)

Around the house ~

* We had the clash of the Snowmen / St. Valentine's decorations versus Lent.

(The purple chain is Stan and Miss Mabel's sacrifice chain, one link for each day.)

I usually strip my house of most decorations during Lent, trying to bring the Liturgical year into our home.  (Have you noticed how bare your Catholic church is right now?)  There's really is no right or wrong way.

* This happened.

After a 9 hours class, written exam, and live fire exam, I passed.

These lovely ladies (2 of them are fellow homeschooling moms) joined me for the day, and I'm so glad!

And guess what?  I signed up for yet another training course.

Around the kitchen ~

After the nursing home visit, we treated the kids to St. Valentine's dinner out, a real treat in our house!

I am listening to ~

The fart fan (a.k.a. bathroom vent/fan) running.  It runs CONSTANTLY!  Seriously.

Coming down the pike this week ~

Sunday - St. Valentine's day - nursing home visit - dinner out

Wednesday - eye appointments, ballet for Miss Clementine, Confirmation class

Thursday - Miss Clementine's Baptism birthday

A last photo to share ~

That, there, is no pussy cat.  It is a bobcat sitting right outside my friend's backdoor.

Have a fantastic week, folks!!

Happy St. Valentine's Day!!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Wow!!!! That is a lot going on!!!
    And all so good!
    Except for that last picture! Yikes!
    You are always such an inspiration, Patty.
    Hugs from frigid Pa!

  2. Coveting your maple buds -- winter has most definitely arrived in Ohio and all those who predicted a mild winter are just plain wrong.

    I am having foot surgery tomorrow; will you add me to your prayers? I'm not sure how I'll do on crutches and there are a few complications. Faith is sick on top of that.

    1. We've really has no winter here. I turned on the a.c. today. Miss C keeps asking to turn on the sprinkler outside ;)
      I hope you are continuing to recover smoothly!!

  3. Congratulations on your new license! My hubby is sitting next to me, shaking his head with approval saying, "Nice." Now, he's trying to get me to go to the range with him today.
    So wonderful to see the pictures from the nursing home. It truly is a blessing to both young and old.
    Great family photo. Your family is beautiful.
    Have a great day, Patty.

    1. Did you go with your hubs? I went Thursday over David's break. My first time in a gun club. So crazy loud!!!! I wore the sponge ear plugs and the professional ear guards.

  4. A bobcat! Oh. My!
    Good for you, girl, for getting your permit! :)

  5. What a week! Congrats on passing your class and your permit. Way to go! Your Valentine's day sounds wonderful. Such sweeties in that family photo. It made me smile. :) A bobcat?! Yikes.
    We've got Gianna's bday tomorrow (how is she FIVE??!!) and Margaret's baptism birthday on Friday. Many things to celebrate within Lent.
    Have a wonderful week!

    1. Been thinking of you this past week with your family celebrations :)

  6. We love Liberty's Kids...we started watching when we lived in Scotland. To this day the kids refer to George Washington and Benjamin Franklin as "General Washington and Dr. Franklin"! Congrats on the permit!

  7. Hi Patty! When I was a teen, I was in the guitar group at church, and we would play at nursing homes all the time. The older people are so grateful and happy to see visitors! I can't imagine how much joy you brought to them with your special Valentine visit. I know you made their day!
    Did you know that one of Mr. Scalia's sons is a priest? Pretty cool.
    We are off to see my daughter and her family this weekend. Her daughter, my oldest grand, is turning 4. How crazy that I have 5 grandchildren, the oldest being 4! She is having a 'Princess' themed party (naturally) so I bought a crown to wear. I am the queen! Lol!
    Have a wonderful week, full of Lenten graces,

    1. Miss C is going to a 4 year old's Princess themed party on Saturday! What a coincidence :)

      I didn't realize Justice Scalia had so many children. I was reading about them in the news after he passed. 5 boys and 4 girls, just like my mom and dad :)

      Have a good visit with your family!


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