Sunday, February 28, 2016

Meet Charlie Black

Friends, this is our neighbor, Charlie Black.

Miss Clementine named him, but we really have no idea what his real name is!

Charlie Black likes to chew holes in the fence.  This is Charlie's third hole.

We thinks Charlie wants to hang out with us??

Shortly after I snapped these photos, David boarded up this hole after Charlie Black had his head and left shoulder through it.

Sorry, Charlie.

His owner?

The kids refer to him as O'Hare, (The Lorax, Dr. Seuss), because he looks and behaves just like O'Hare.

BTW, we share the fence line with O'Hare and he has no interest in repairing it except for the cobbled up approach.

~  Patty  ~


  1. Charlie Black is a cute dog. He just wants to play with your wonderful kids! I'm sure they would gladly adopt him.

  2. I may be related to him. My maiden name is Black ;)
    He's cute but a little scary looking. I'm sorry his owner isn't taking responsibility for the fence. You sound like you're taking it all in stride though.

  3. Ah, neighbors with big dogs are a interesting breed! ;o) Our neighbor has a few large, aggressive, barking dogs. Yay. The good news is that she is a sweet lady, if a little clueless. Good luck with Charlie Black! Maybe a sprinkling of hot pepper flakes would discourage him from chewing and digging? Good job with the good attitude about it all--you're a better woman than me!! :o) Becky


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