Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Feast of St. Sebastian

The feast of St. Sebastian is January 20.

This Christian was a guard under Emperor Diocletian, (a brutal persecutor of early Christians).  He was able to conceal is Christianity for some time.  During this period, he would give aid to other Christians who had been arrested and even converted prominent persons.  After being discovered, Emperor Diocletian ordered him to die by being used as a target for archery practice.

Miraculously, St. Sebastian survived!  When the archers thought his riddled body was lifeless, they left him tied to the tree.  It was here that he received the help of a Christian woman who aided in his recovery.   After his recovery, St. Sebastian chose to publicly denounce Diocletian and his horrible treatment of Christians.  St. Sebastian was arrested again, and this time, he would not survive.  He was beaten to death and his body was placed in a sewer where it was thought that it would never be found.  St. Sebastian appeared to another Christian woman and ordered her to retrieve his body.  She found the saint's body and buried it in the catacombs.

St. Sebastian is the patron saint of soldiers, athletes, and those who desire a saintly death.

I set out these (arrow) pencils for each of the kids for school today.   ;)

They were so easy to make!  It only took some new pencils, a sheet of brown foam paper, and glue dots.  I measured 1.5" x 1" with ruler and pencil, then cut the shapes out.

We are pretty big fans of archery in our house.  David was an excellent bow hunter in Illinois.  After moving to Texas, he and the kids took up bow fishing.  Stan the man has been involved with an archery club that one of the homeschool moms teaches.

(I originally found this idea on Pinterest.)

St. Sebastian, pray for us!

~  Patty ~


  1. I bet Stan was beside himself! Those are super cute!

    1. Oh yes! He thought they were pretty cool! He was outside playing the day I made them. It was a fun surprise :)

  2. Hi Patty! Three cheers for St. Sebastian, patron Saint for my little grandson. Love the arrow/pencils. You are so inventive!
    Happy Thursday,


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