Sunday, December 20, 2015

Christmas Menu 2015

I'm deliberately changing the Christmas menu this year since I am in need of a new and fresh routine.  It's going to be simple affair, but very delicious, as always :)

Christmas Eve ~

Breakfast : Cinnamon Rolls, fruit, juice, and coffee or tea.

Lunch : Sandwiches with chips & dip

Dinner : Vegetable Beef Soup with pull-apart cheese bread (a new recipe I'm dying to try!), Santa Claus cake & peppermint ice cream

This is the Santa cake from last year...I reordered it for this year.

Christmas Day ~

Breakfast :  Cream Cheese Stuffed Blueberry French Toast (recipe here), fruit, juice, and coffee

Dinner :   Honey-orange glazed ham, (another new recipe that I think will turn out fabulous),  green bean casserole, and Gnocchi Macaroni and Cheese (recipe here), and topped off with Christmas cookies, & peppermint ice cream.

Christmas Beverage :  For the kids, I am going to make this easy, fresh (not-so-sugary) holiday punch (recipe here.)

Adult beverages?  I have my eye on a couple of serious drink recipes that would definitely put the Fa-la-la-la-la in anyones day.  I live in a dry county (no hard alcohol), so let's just say I'll will be making a merry dash to the nearest spirits store  20 miles up the road tomorrow.  :)

What's on your menu?  I just love to hear what people are taking to gatherings or preparing at home.  I'm always looking for a new recipe to try.

~  Patty ~


  1. Christmas Day I am making an easy baked shrimp dish and then my sisters and I are making Chili and Cornbread for our Gathering on the 26th. It will be a Texas Christmas. Of course we'd probably enjoy it more if it weren't going to be near 80 degrees that day--but that's Texas!
    Merry Christmas to all!

  2. We will be like menu twins this year! We're hunkering down at home for Eve and Day, so I opted for simplicity as well. No thoughts on Eve breakfast or lunch, but we'll be having a creamy potato soup along with bread, meat, cheese and crackers for supper. We'll throw in some Christmas cookies and now thanks to your idea, maybe some peppermint ice cream as well. Christmas Day we're making your stuffed french toast recipe, having bacon and our own farm fresh eggs. We'll snack on things I probably shouldn't be eating in the afternoon. For supper it will be ham, veggies, bacon and cheese oven potatoes and mini cheesecakes for dessert. No too exciting, but not food overload or too much work in the kitchen either. The day after Christmas, we'll head to my parents for the day and celebrate with my family.
    Blessings on your Christmas week and here's to a (hopefully) relaxed Christmas!

  3. You've inspired me!! Is this the recipe you are using for the ham?-

  4. Yes!! Have you made this one before? It sounds so festive.

    1. I haven't made it, but it sounded so good I looked it up! :) I think it is going to be our New Year's Day dinner. Did it turn out well?

  5. The Santa cake is incredible as is the variety of food from your kitchen!


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