Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Special November Days - Daybook Post

Outside my window ~

We are experiencing a beautiful autumn in north Texas right now.   I LOVE it!  Some folks up in the northern states already have had to turn on their furnaces, but we still get to sleep with our windows open! The mornings are chilly (50's & 60's) but the daytime warms up to mid-70's. This is my favorite time of year in Texas.

I am thankful for ~

this little man who celebrated yet another adoption anniversary (last week).

What David and I are reading ~

From the school room ~

* the kids are busy studying, trying to get ahead two days in school so they can take a leisurely Thanksgiving 4-day break.

* Field trip.

Yesterday, our home school group had a field trip to Sharkarosa Wildlife Ranch.  It's mostly for the younger kids, and we had so much fun!

Our highlights were petting a red-tailed lemur.

There was a bucket train ride.

I even went on it, but let's just say, the space inside?  Yeah, it was definitely made for kid size only ;)

Out of all the animals, the camels were the friendliest!

Around the house ~

* Miss Sally's Baptism birthday was last Friday.  She loves the new book we gave her!

Nothing Short of a Miracle, God's Healing Power in Modern Saints, by Patricia Treece, is based on the miracles that are attributed to saints from our day and age.

She LOVES it!!

* My main squeeze turned 47 yesterday!  (Can you tell he is happy with his age?)

He requested home made Suzy Q Cakes,  (recipe here.)

From the kitchen ~

Still working on this week's menu.  I'm thinking a nice beef stew for Sunday dinner perhaps?

I am listening to ~

Coughing.  Too much of it in my house.  One by one some nasty virus is making its way through the family.

Coming down the pike this week ~

* Monday - Field trip
* Tuesday - Miss C has a doctor's appointment
* Wednesday - CCD class
* Wednesday - Feast day celebration of St. Martin de Tours
* Friday - Feast day celebration of St. Frances Cabrini
* Friday - Little Flowers/ Little Women
* Saturday - Stan has a birthday party to go to,
* Saturday - Miss Ester and Mabel have a horse riding competition

A last photo to share ~

I saw this in a pediatric G I office today.  Thought I'd share the humor ;)

BTW, a couple of friends have contacted me (thank you) telling me that they are having a dickens of a time leaving a comment.  One friend said she was able to leave a comment via her iPad, but not her computer.  I also heard it is a Blogger issue.

Just an FYI, awhile back, I chose to use Bloglovin to read all of the posts from fellow bloggers.  I have never had an issue with them.   (I still blog on Blogger, just read my feed through Bloglovin.) You may want to make the switch yourselves.

Have a great week!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Patty, is your husband happy with his age or those Suzy Q's? I'm thinking it's the latter.
    And boy, do I wish someone got a photo of you in that train :)
    I love how your daughter is so happy to receive a book like that. That speaks volumes of what a good mom you are.
    Love to see all this good stuff. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  2. That field trip looks so fun! My kids would have loved it. Happy Birthday to your hubby!


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