Tuesday, November 17, 2015

(More) Special November Days - Daybook Post

Outside my window ~

Calm.  Sun.  Cooler temps.

At 3:45am, we were awoken to tornado warnings and spent a good amount of time in a closet under the stairs.

Fun times, said no one without a basement ever.

I am thankful for ~

* my little 3 year old who thinks she is a prima ballerina - (we so love the joy she brings!)

* the Rosary

* warm meals

What David and I are reading ~

* continuing on with this...

* I am also on the look out for some new Advent reading material for myself and David.  Any suggestions??

From the school room ~

* 9th grade English with Seton (the Catholic curriculum we use) has proven to be very tough.  Personally, I find it over kill on the amount of content that is required.

* The kids have successfully worked ahead a couple of days in all the subjects in order to take a 4-day break next weekend.

* Pre-school art - Miss Clementine and I worked on these 2 things...

(This was the source.)

It goes along with an adorable finger-play song that I found here.

* Religion - Living Liturgy::

November 17 is the Feast of St. Elizabeth of Hungary (patroness of bakers as well as other things).  You can find her story here.

I bought this new book to add to our saint collection and made a crown cake in honor of her royal highness :)

(The cake idea - I think - came from Showers of Roses some years back.  I know I've made one for another occasion...Epiphany perhaps??)

I am praying for ~

* world peace!

* an end to abortion

* victims of radical Islam around the world

Around the house ~

* We celebrated Miss Mabel's baptism birthday.  I found this beautiful Holy Family font on Amazon. It now hangs by her school desk.

* Miss Ester and Miss Mabel had their last horse riding competition for the season.  They had GORGEOUS weather for it and took home a few ribbons as well ;)

From the kitchen ~

I'm working on an EASY camping menu for a camping trip coming up.   I was thinking along the lines of sloppy joe's, a soup, home made cookies possibly??

I am listening to ~

Miss Clementine "read".  Gosh!  I just love love love her cute voice.

Coming down the pike this week ~

Monday - doctor's appointment (Three kids AND David are all on antibiotics now. )
Monday - Mabel's Baptism birthday
Tuesday - Feast of St. Elizabeth of Hungary
Wednesday - CCD
Thursday - Physical Therapy on Miss Sally's knee

A last photo to share ~

We just love this book!

I have the ancient old copy that my mother bought for my siblings and I.   Stan and Clementine LOVE it the most, and Stan is insisting on using the recipe this Thanksgiving. :)

Have a great rest of your week!

~  Patty ~


  1. I was so sad today. I bought that Roses in the Snow book last year, but couldn't find it anywhere last night. Oh well, hopefully it will turn up soon! We did gumdrop crown cupcakes today. So fun and yummy!

  2. Glad you are safe and sound. Patty!
    I really need to take notes on the wonderful ways you celebrate the feast days...
    That way I'll be prepared instead of amazed trading about them afterward!
    Love your little one bringing so much joy to your heart...
    It is a blessing that we get to enjoy that time yet again, while also enjoying the blessing of all that comes with older children.
    I'm going to look to Amazon ...my BFF this time of year... For that book.
    Heading there now.
    Have a blessed day from cloudy and cool PA!

  3. I had to pop in here this morning to check in and was greeted by those smiling faces--made my day! It looks like November is going well and you are cruising through your days as well. I can hardly believe that Advent is nearly here and I am so terribly unprepared. It will be what it will be fore this year I guess and God will still use it as a season of growth for us either way.

    Blessings on your November days, sweet Patty.

  4. Hi!! Happy Thanksgiving (a bit early!). Congratulations on the ribbons! And I am so glad you are all safe and sound. I remember, growing up in Ohio hiding in a basement of sorts (very very small) when there were tornado warnings. The best was that our very nervous dog hid down there with us... I won't even get in to that. ;) But at least we had a basement! My daughter's confirmation saint is Elizabeth. I need to get that book.


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