Sunday, October 11, 2015

What's for Sunday dinner?

Even though it's suppose to get to the mid-90's today, I am DETERMINED to make some chili!  Gosh darn it!

We are going to have a chili bar...Chili...rice...cheese...mushrooms...crackers...peppers...sour cream.

Dessert is going to be Butter Bars. (See recipe here.)   Oh my word, these are SO delicious!!

Anyone with big Sunday plans?

David and Miss Ester just left to visit a friend of hers who fell and broke an ankle a few nights ago.  Poor friend is going in for surgery on Thursday.  If you can remember, please keep Falyn in your prayers for a full recovery of her ankle.

Other than that, we are staying put for a much needed day of rest.  Wishing you all a blessed Sunday!

~  Patty ~


  1. Oh, Patty...
    I'm sending you some glorious autumn weather, ok?!
    We had a quiet Sunday.
    Mocha and I took a long, snuggle nap. : )
    Steve took me on a leaf ride and we had steak for dinner.
    Have a wonderful week! : )

  2. I really wanted to make chili to go with our grilled brats this afternoon, but it was 85 degrees (VERY unusual for MN this time of year!) and nobody wanted it. However, today it is a high of 55 degrees, so it will be chili weather next weekend (and we'll be dreaming of the 85 degrees!)

  3. I'm right with you Patty! Chili is on out menu this week too.
    It's all in the state of mind. ;)


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