Thursday, October 29, 2015

This happened!

Not a bad way to celebrate your birthday passing you driver's test on the same day :)

We used a parent-taught online driving course.  (Yes, you can even home school driver's ed.)


And this is what younger sisters do behind your back on your first "official" solo drive...

The photo still cracks me up.  Ha ha!

A friend of mine congratulated me on joining the "now-you-have-more-free-time" club.  I'm loving it!!


Just in case anyone was interested, I put together a list of sources for the items we used for her

Alfred Hitchcock movie-themed party.

Invitations came from the Etsy shop, Design on Paper.   (We purchased the pdf file and then had copies printed at a business store.)


Candy and nut plastic truffle bowls came from Party City.  She wrapped gold duct tape around them.  The film-negative sticker came from Michael's as well as a white marker.

The scoops (which were the PERFECT size) came from Amazon.  We used this 2 oz size.


The image of the 8x10 vintage movie camera and reel came from another Etsy shop, Old Book New Art.  I purchased a cheap, black from from Michael's for around $10 (using a coupon).

The popcorn bowls and scoops came from Party City.  (She wrapped the handles in the gold duct tape to dress them up.)  

You can find the wooden food labels at any craft store.  (She painted some gold paint on them.)

I picked up 2 vinyl table cloths at Party City.

The gold lame material for the accent came from Jo Ann Fabrics.  (I think the gold material ran a total of $10 after sale price...I can't remember how much I bought.)


The cupcake table was our favorite!

The clapboard came from Amazon.

The gold platters came from Party City.

These!  I went straight to the etsy shop, Oooh La La Paperie and Boutique.  The owners, Maita and Mayette, are sisters who do gorgeous work and have amazing ideas.

I sent the image of the invitation and told them about our Hitchcock theme, and they came up with these custom cupcake wrappers and picks.

Those ladies  are so creative!

We used them in the past, and they have never disappointed us.  I highly recommend their products!!


Black snack cups came from Hobby Lobby.

Popcorn food trays came from Amazon.  (I originally saw these on Etsy, but for the SAME price of 30, I found a case of 250!! on Amazon.  I "sold" the remaining to our homeschool group for a popcorn party that's coming up.)

The rectangular-shaped white/black label came from Michael's.

The clapboard, popcorn, and movie reel stickers came from the Etsy shop, A Sticky Monster.


I think that's everything.  We made and frosted our own cupcakes.  The movie was purchased on Amazon.  I had a cooler stocked with soda and bottled water.

It really was an easy party to put together once we came up with the main theme, Hitchcock!

The next birthday party is in the end of January, when Miss Clementine turns 4.  Until then...

~  Patty ~


  1. A Driver!!!!
    You will love it!!!!!
    Like I told you....once you get past the Hail Mary every time she gets behind the wheel. : )
    But seriously....its amazing how eager they are to run out and get milk and bread.

  2. Congrats to Sarah on turning 16 AND on passing her test the first time!
    Her party was so cute. I especially loved the candy and nut bowls and the popcorn/snack boxes.

  3. Congrats! Wow, that's so cool you can do it online, it's probably cheaper than using an auto school?? (hopefully?)

    1. I know each state is different as are the school districts. To take the course in our school district cost a student $500! Ouch! The online class was over $100, less than $200. Can't recall exactly. In our state you can do a parent-taught (which is the online class), a driver's school, or through the high school.

  4. Congrats to Sally! What grown up times you are having at your house. Wow! It looks like another fabulous birthday party well done by mom. Way to go!
    How is it with these kids getting older you still look amazing and young?! :)


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