Thursday, October 15, 2015

Her 1st Pumpkin Patch Trip

I have totally failed in the pumpkin patch department.  I see everyone's amazing fun, family moments on Facebook or floating around the blogosphere, and I'm like ... epic fail mother moment because I have NEVER taken Miss Clementine to one!

Till yesterday.

David had the day off, so on a whim I suggested we take the younger three.  Clementine was so stinking excited :)

Think HOT!  95 degrees, sunny, dusty, and wind to kick up all that dust.  Just like the wild west!

Feeding the long horn cattle and goats were our first stop.

The hay bale maze was pretty cool!

Can you tell she's loving this whole pumpkin patch thing??

We hopped on board for a tractor  ride.

We saw a lot of mesquite trees, prickly pears, and other interesting things along the way.

Finally, it was time to pick out her pumpkin.  (You know, one of those little pie pumpkins ;)

So many to choose from!

Finally! She found the one :)

"See, Mom! The perfect baby pumpkin!"

Her baby pumpkin now sits on her dresser in her bedroom :)

It was a successful trip to the pumpkin patch.

~  Patty  ~


  1. You are so good! I just can't bring myself to look at pumpkins when it's still so dang HOT outside! I'm glad we are getting a little bit of cool respite in the mornings, but it's just not enough yet to put me in a fall mood. Bring on the cold fronts!!! (But your girlie sure looks like she had a blast. I'm not letting A see these pictures! :)

  2. Now that is a pumpkin patch!!!!!
    What a wonderful day,

  3. So fun! She looks like she's having a blast. I will say that I just cannot imagine the pumpkin patch in 95 degrees. That's just crazy!

  4. Hi Patty! I used to take my kids to pumpkin patches, but never ones as nice as this one. How cool is that? Worth the wait all those years, I'd say!
    Happy Fall :)

  5. She is so cute and growing way to quickly. I still remember her baby pics.
    She looks like she had a lot of fun. Well, they all look like they had fun.
    I can't imagine going to the pumpkin patch when it's 95 degrees out. Too hot!
    We're getting into the 30's at night here this week. I may just have to move out your way.

  6. What fun! Looks like she had a lot of fun.


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