Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Alfred Hitchcock Party Theme

It all started with her wanting to have a movie night for her Sweet 16th party.  Since her birthday falls close to Halloween, she wanted a thriller, the psychological thriller, Rear Window.

She and I put together a popcorn bar.

Instead of a big cake, we did cupcakes wrapped with the iconic silhouettes of Hitchcock and movie cameras.

She has the best friends* and lots of 'em.  22 teens that came to celebrate with Miss Sarah.

(*Once upon a time, I feared my kids would not make friends if I decided to home school.  What a myth, huh?)

These girls are former swim teammates. They haven't been all together for some time.

One sweet friend jumped up to give an impromptu speech.

(Unfortunately it happened so fast my picture ended up being pretty blurry.)

I was able to get one in with the birthday girl, too :)

Then the teens stocked up on food before the movie started.

We had an intermission in order to sing Happy Birthday to Sarah.

After the movie, her friends wanted her to open her gifts, and big kids stand real close just like little kids ;)

It really ended up being her "best party ever" filled with friends, food, and so much happiness!

This was the last birthday party we had planned to throw for her, so we wanted to keep it very special.  Every family has their different customs.  Our custom is to throw a party for their 1st, 4th, 8th, 12th & Sweet 16 birthdays.

(Sarah's imagination and Pinterest were the huge springboards we made use of for all the details that went into the party.  Here is a post that shows links to all of our sources, in case anyone is interested.)

~  Patty  ~


  1. Patty...This is amazing!
    What a wonderful, wonderful way to celebrate your young lady!
    Her happiness!!! It shows right through!!!!

  2. What an awesome party, and you are such a creative and wonderful mom to do all that!

  3. Love it all! Such great details with the food and the decorations. It sounds like it was a blast.
    Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter.


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