Friday, October 30, 2015

"Don't bother me ... I'm thinking."

I find myself relating more and more to Ralphie Parker these days.

(Photo credit for all photos :: google search)

Remember that infamous, decoder bathroom scene?

"I'll be right down (out)....Gee whiz!"  (Wish I could just do my business without anyone screaming for me.)

(Photo credit :: google search)

And then there's this one...

"Only I didn't say FUDGE.  I said THE word, the BIG one, the queen-mother of dirty words, the F-dash-dash-dash word."

~ So, I've been thinking about December.

I've decided for the month of December I'm going to say the big NO word a lot more to activities and social events especially geared toward my high school kids.

I love my teenagers!  Man, teenagers do a lot with friends away from family (or their activities require you to postpone 'family activities').

The 3 pre-Christmas dates blacked out on our December calendar already? I'm hoping to keep it  just to those 3.

I really don't want to be doing this ...

... on Christmas Eve.  (And I really do love to send cards so don't tell me to give them up :)

~ I've been thinking about my faith lately.  A lot.

Where am I going? How can I grow more spiritually?  (Cuz it ain't ever over as some people think.)

David and I are excited about making a spiritual retreat at home through 33 Days to Morning Glory

We will start it on November 5, ending on the feast of The Immaculate Conception.  Want to join us? In spirit? I hope you can if you haven't already made this retreat yourself.

What inspired this?  More like WHO inspired this!

A true story based on the life of Chiara Corbel Petrillo who gave her life to save her unborn child.  Her love for Christ, the Cross, and Mary moved me to tears.

This woman IS A SAINT!!

~ I have been thinking about ...

My hormones were playing hard ball this summer.  I tried to blame it on my thyroid disease, but nope! That's working fine on my current prescription.

Talked to my oldest sister, Mary, about pre menopause stuff.  (I'm so glad I don't have to go through it first!)  She just smiled and said, "Oh girl, you are just getting started."  WTH?

I thought I was "just getting started" way back when I was 36 years old, so when things really, really ramped up this summer I was like, here we go.  And I'm only now at the beginning?  Dang.

David was like YeeHaw! So long, NFP!

I was like, sorry dude, that's when NFP is REALLY important.  Remember your SIL conceiving at the age of 49??

BTW, have I ever told you how much progesterone cream helps alleviate the nasty symptoms??  I've used it for years, but wow! What a difference it has made at this point in life!  (I use a natural cream.)

Until tomorrow,

~ Hot Flash ~ (David's nickname for me.)

Thursday, October 29, 2015

This happened!

Not a bad way to celebrate your birthday passing you driver's test on the same day :)

We used a parent-taught online driving course.  (Yes, you can even home school driver's ed.)


And this is what younger sisters do behind your back on your first "official" solo drive...

The photo still cracks me up.  Ha ha!

A friend of mine congratulated me on joining the "now-you-have-more-free-time" club.  I'm loving it!!


Just in case anyone was interested, I put together a list of sources for the items we used for her

Alfred Hitchcock movie-themed party.

Invitations came from the Etsy shop, Design on Paper.   (We purchased the pdf file and then had copies printed at a business store.)


Candy and nut plastic truffle bowls came from Party City.  She wrapped gold duct tape around them.  The film-negative sticker came from Michael's as well as a white marker.

The scoops (which were the PERFECT size) came from Amazon.  We used this 2 oz size.


The image of the 8x10 vintage movie camera and reel came from another Etsy shop, Old Book New Art.  I purchased a cheap, black from from Michael's for around $10 (using a coupon).

The popcorn bowls and scoops came from Party City.  (She wrapped the handles in the gold duct tape to dress them up.)  

You can find the wooden food labels at any craft store.  (She painted some gold paint on them.)

I picked up 2 vinyl table cloths at Party City.

The gold lame material for the accent came from Jo Ann Fabrics.  (I think the gold material ran a total of $10 after sale price...I can't remember how much I bought.)


The cupcake table was our favorite!

The clapboard came from Amazon.

The gold platters came from Party City.

These!  I went straight to the etsy shop, Oooh La La Paperie and Boutique.  The owners, Maita and Mayette, are sisters who do gorgeous work and have amazing ideas.

I sent the image of the invitation and told them about our Hitchcock theme, and they came up with these custom cupcake wrappers and picks.

Those ladies  are so creative!

We used them in the past, and they have never disappointed us.  I highly recommend their products!!


Black snack cups came from Hobby Lobby.

Popcorn food trays came from Amazon.  (I originally saw these on Etsy, but for the SAME price of 30, I found a case of 250!! on Amazon.  I "sold" the remaining to our homeschool group for a popcorn party that's coming up.)

The rectangular-shaped white/black label came from Michael's.

The clapboard, popcorn, and movie reel stickers came from the Etsy shop, A Sticky Monster.


I think that's everything.  We made and frosted our own cupcakes.  The movie was purchased on Amazon.  I had a cooler stocked with soda and bottled water.

It really was an easy party to put together once we came up with the main theme, Hitchcock!

The next birthday party is in the end of January, when Miss Clementine turns 4.  Until then...

~  Patty ~

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Alfred Hitchcock Party Theme

It all started with her wanting to have a movie night for her Sweet 16th party.  Since her birthday falls close to Halloween, she wanted a thriller, the psychological thriller, Rear Window.

She and I put together a popcorn bar.

Instead of a big cake, we did cupcakes wrapped with the iconic silhouettes of Hitchcock and movie cameras.

She has the best friends* and lots of 'em.  22 teens that came to celebrate with Miss Sarah.

(*Once upon a time, I feared my kids would not make friends if I decided to home school.  What a myth, huh?)

These girls are former swim teammates. They haven't been all together for some time.

One sweet friend jumped up to give an impromptu speech.

(Unfortunately it happened so fast my picture ended up being pretty blurry.)

I was able to get one in with the birthday girl, too :)

Then the teens stocked up on food before the movie started.

We had an intermission in order to sing Happy Birthday to Sarah.

After the movie, her friends wanted her to open her gifts, and big kids stand real close just like little kids ;)

It really ended up being her "best party ever" filled with friends, food, and so much happiness!

This was the last birthday party we had planned to throw for her, so we wanted to keep it very special.  Every family has their different customs.  Our custom is to throw a party for their 1st, 4th, 8th, 12th & Sweet 16 birthdays.

(Sarah's imagination and Pinterest were the huge springboards we made use of for all the details that went into the party.  Here is a post that shows links to all of our sources, in case anyone is interested.)

~  Patty  ~

Friday, October 23, 2015

Alfred Hitchcock Movie Themed Party

This is happening Sunday night!

A group of 20 teens gathering for a psychological thriller :)

It's going to be a great, outdoor party!

~  Patty  ~

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

When Family Visits - Daybook Post

Outside my window ~

Overcast today.  They said we are to expect a ton of rain this weekend.  (It is greatly needed since we haven't had rain since last spring.)

I am thankful for ~
* my sister-in-law who took the time to bring my niece down for a visit

* the great memories that we all came away with

* young cousins having so much fun together

What I am reading ~

Zilch.  I haven't picked up a book in over a week.  (And I am okay with that right now :)

From the school room ~

* Another big Zilch!  We are enjoying our fall break this week.

* Living Liturgy ::

On October 16, we celebrated the feast of St. Gerard Majella.  I found an interesting YouTube video/presentation on the life of St. Gerard.  (Just click on this link and watch the video under the multimedia title in the upper right hand corner.)  He is the patron saint of mothers and children.

St. Gerard, pray for us!

Tomorrow, October 22, is the feast of St. John Paul II.  I found this cute book and added another holy card to the kids' collections.

St. John Paul II, pray for us!

Around the house ~

So much!

Saturday  we took our visitors to Dealey Plaza (where Pres. JFK had been assassinated) and then to Reunion Tower.

At the top of Reunion Tower, (you take an elevator that has glass on the back wall), we ate lunch while the restaurant rotated, giving us beautiful 360-degree views of Dallas!

Sunday we slept in since we attended the Saturday night Mass.

Our first stop was to go hang out with Penny, Miss Ester's horse :)

That was followed by a cowgirl dose of retail therapy when the girls helped their cousin pick out her first pair of cowboy boots.

Monday found us taking our guests to our town's historic district, hitting up an old-fashioned candy shop.  (Notice those matching t-shirts?)

They hatched a plan as young girls do ;)    They wanted to match when they took their cousin on her first "official" horse riding lesson Monday afternoon.  They were so cute :)

From the kitchen (table) ~

We played the game Wits and Wagers in the evenings.  It is fast-paced and very entertaining.  I highly recommend this as a family game!

(Poor Stan the man...outnumbered by girls even more ;)

I am praying for ~

* an end to abortion

* peace in our world

* my daughter who will be turning 16 next Monday and taking her driver's license test

I am listening to ~

David and four of the kids chatting it up over lunch.

Coming down the pike this week ~

* Monday and Wednesday - Miss Sally begins certification training for her life guarding.

* Wednesday - I have to teach Confirmation class.

* Thursday - PT for Sally's knee

* Friday - Catechist training for me in Dallas all day

* Sunday - Miss Sally's Sweet 16 birthday party

One last photo to share ~

Monday night, my sister-in-law and I snuck out for mom time at a local wine bar :)

Wishing you all a great rest of your week!

~  Patty ~

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Her 1st Pumpkin Patch Trip

I have totally failed in the pumpkin patch department.  I see everyone's amazing fun, family moments on Facebook or floating around the blogosphere, and I'm like ... epic fail mother moment because I have NEVER taken Miss Clementine to one!

Till yesterday.

David had the day off, so on a whim I suggested we take the younger three.  Clementine was so stinking excited :)

Think HOT!  95 degrees, sunny, dusty, and wind to kick up all that dust.  Just like the wild west!

Feeding the long horn cattle and goats were our first stop.

The hay bale maze was pretty cool!

Can you tell she's loving this whole pumpkin patch thing??

We hopped on board for a tractor  ride.

We saw a lot of mesquite trees, prickly pears, and other interesting things along the way.

Finally, it was time to pick out her pumpkin.  (You know, one of those little pie pumpkins ;)

So many to choose from!

Finally! She found the one :)

"See, Mom! The perfect baby pumpkin!"

Her baby pumpkin now sits on her dresser in her bedroom :)

It was a successful trip to the pumpkin patch.

~  Patty  ~


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