Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wedding Bells Daybook Post

Outside my window ~

We are back in Texas where the weather is still very warm.  I already miss the chilly night breezes of the Midwest gently blowing over my bed making me want to snuggle up under the quilt.

Speaking of that bed, below is a dresser in my childhood bedroom that now displays little, ornate picture frames of the grandchildren who have already received their First Holy Communions.

I am thankful for ~

* my parents and their openness to life!

Here is a picture of my mom, her 9 children, their spouses, and grandchildren...

46 in all!

As my friend Carol told me, my mom is a wealthy person.

* I am thankful for the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony and being witness to the sweet, young love of my niece, Megan, and her beloved spouse.

* I am thankful for hearing one of the BEST maid of honor speeches ever given (written and delivered by niece, Emily, Megan's sister).

Emily has a degree in English/writing and has great wit and humor ;)

* I am thankful for my mother-in-law.  After renting our vehicle at the airport, we drove up to visit her briefly last Thursday.  She lives about 90 miles north of my mother.

(Clare, my MIL, had six children and David is the baby.)

* I am thankful for having the chance to see another niece, Johanna, who lives with Grandma Clare to help her out.

* I am thankful to witness a dazzling rainbow on the drive from my MIL's house to my mother's house.  It reminded me of my father who passed away 9 years ago.

It literally was sparkling!

* I am thankful to have had a cup of morning coffee with my mom...each morning!

* I am thankful for my sisters.

My mom and dad had 4 daughters.  (Left to right) Jane is the 4th daughter, Mary is the 1st daughter, Sue is the 2nd daughter (as well as the mother of the bride), and I was the 3rd daughter.

That photo was snapped at the rehearsal dinner.

I love it!

What I am reading ~

My friend Carol also suggested the book Gifted Hands, The Ben Carson Story (Ben Carson is a GOP candidate running for presidency.)

I have not picked my candidate yet.

I must say, however, the character traits that this man holds are way above and beyond our current president!

From the school room ~

* I took one week off from schooling to accommodate our 4-day trip.

The BEST school decision was to make sure we had off the day AFTER we got back into town.  We had a very smooth re-entry because of that extra day.

I love love love being in control of our own school calendar!!!

* Living Liturgy::  In honor of the Feast of St. Adrian (Sept. 8), we watched the movie The Robe.

St. Adrian was a Roman soldier, a pagan, who was so moved by the faith of the Christians converted to Christianity himself.  For this, he died a terrible death.

Around the house and From the kitchen ~

Yesterday we celebrated Miss Mabel's 12th birthday.

Look at how much she resembles her Grammy in this photo!

Miss Mabel has had a rather drawn out birthday celebration this year ;)  A couple of weeks back, she had her big, horse themed birthday party with her friends.  Here.

* Our kids receive a big party every four years ending on their 16th.

While we were in Illinois, David's sister, brother-in-law, niece, and great-niece & nephew drove up the 60 miles from their homes to visit us at my mom's.  His niece, Grace, made these beautiful cupcakes to celebrate Mabel's birthday!

(Our niece Grace, great-niece Eva, and Miss Mabel.)

I am praying for ~

* an end to abortion

* that the Confirmation class will go well this year (it begins this evening)

* for all who have asked me to pray for them

I am listening to ~


Miss Clementine is now in for a nap.

The kids are working at their school work and I've had the chance to work on this post off and on today.

Coming down the pike this week ~

Tuesday - Miss Sally works in the evening
Wednesday - Confirmation Classes begin -  I'm teaching 8th grade, second year prep.
Thursday - PT for Miss Sally's knee
Thursday - Miss Sally works in the evening
Saturday - Stan the man has a birthday party to attend

A final photo to share ~

Wishing you all a great week!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Your family is richly blessed indeed!
    I so love weddings. Love and hope and joy. The bride is beautiful!
    I love your mothers tradition for First Communion pictures of the grandchildren. So many! So sweet!
    We do need some of the cool weather you had, ..under a quilt? how lovely!

    Welcome home!

    1. Thank you, Mary! The quilt...oh I miss those cool, northern nights.

  2. I love so much about this post! Such a beautiful bride, a beautiful family, a beautiful visit! What I'm most jealous though is that Clementine still takes a nap!!!!! How did you do that? Cupcake gave hers up when she turned three and has never gone back. :(

    1. Oh, Charlotte. I think she was so incredibly worn out from the lack of sleep and the on-the-go commotion over the weekend, she took two naps in a row.

  3. I think my last comment got cut off....
    In short, I'm glad you had fun on your trip. That family photo is amazing.
    I didn't know you taught CCD. I start my class tomorrow, but it's sweet, adorable 1st graders:)
    Happy birthday to your sweet daughter. Those cupcakes are a work of art! Too nice to eat. Wait, I take that back.

    1. Thanks, Kathleen. We sure did have a great family reunion! We now await for the images of the selfie stick at the wedding reception...;)

  4. Looks like a perfect family vacation! One of the greatest perks of home schooling is the flexibility. I do find, though, it getting more difficult to be flexible as the children get older. With 2 high schoolers, it is beginning to feel a little more "intense" over here as we prep for a week away.

    Lovely photos! Thanks for sharing!

    1. More like a trip! LOL But it was a near perfect trip for sure! I thought of you when I realized, as we sat in the terminal in Dallas waiting to board, that we left the booster seat in the van ;) Long story short, car rental places rent them, but it costs you an arm and leg. So, we just belted her in and drove the 3 miles to the nearest Walmart by Midway airport in Chicago and bought a cheap booster seat.

      I concur about flexibility in high school...or the lack of it. Mine cannot afford to miss any (because I'm really anal about keeping on track). This is why I start school the end of July / early August just so we have flexible time in the school year. I still get my 180 days in, but I also take about 6 weeks off throughout the school year.

    2. That's too funny about the booster! After reading that, I added it to our list so that I don't do the same thing! We have contemplated buying some cheap boosters when we get there, but if we can check them for free, might as well save the money.

      We always have VBS the first full week of August and I try to start the second week of August, but realistically it's the third week of August before we really buckle down and get serious. The kids are scrambling to get their work done so that they don't have to bring too much with...we leave on Sunday! :-)

    3. I'm loving this conversation between you two! I am picky about staying on track with school too...that way when things come up, we can take off if we need to.

  5. Wow. So much to be thankful for. A lot of beauty in this bubbles over!

  6. Wow. So much to be thankful for. A lot of beauty in this bubbles over!

  7. What a great trip! I am also from a large family and the best thing ever is getting all the cousins, etc. together for a family celebration!

  8. Love being able to peek into your vacation! What a fun vacation!
    SO happy you had a wonderful time!

    Love that last family picture! You all look so wonderful! And you, Patty look amazing!

    I have to comment on those beautiful flowers for your niece's wedding too, wow! Really pretty!

    1. I believe the flowers were peonies. So beautiful!

      Thanks for the compliment! I've been trying to take better care of myself since I'm slowly inching toward 50 ;)

  9. What a beautiful post!! So many blessings. :)

  10. Wow, what a fantastic trip!! I am so happy that all the siblings/families could get together for the wedding. Your mom is so blessed, for sure. (And you are, too, to be part of such a large, beautiful family!)

    I am with all my siblings right now, for my brother's wedding. My mom is so happy to have us all together. It just doesn't happen anymore. She had 5 kids and now has 12 grandkids. She will never catch up to your mom :o) but she is still thrilled and feels so blessed to have us all in one spot this weekend!

    :o) Becky


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