Tuesday, September 29, 2015

iPhone photo dump

Hope everyone out there had a good weekend!  Boy! My family had a flurry of activity going and I tried to capture it on my phone.


Miss Ester had her horse  trailered to a friend's ranch (who happens to have 2 horses of her own).  Miss Penny had so much fun with folks like her that she refused to get back in the trailer on Saturday to head back to her own pasture.

So..... Penny is still with those horses ;)

(No photos for that)


Miss Sally went to the homeschool homecoming football game with friends.


Miss Mabel had a friend come over for the evening, and they made more caramel apples.


David and Stan the man headed out at noon on Friday for their Troops of St. George camp out.  David sent me a photo of the crystal-clear, spring-fed creek that ran behind their camp site.  (Yes, the boys went swimming in it.)  Stan also received his new rank, a Bull.

What is Troops of St. George?  It is a Catholic fraternity where fathers and sons learn to live saintly lives.  David and Stan belong to Troop #77.


The girls and I did a little bit of retail therapy and then went to 5pm Mass.


I was part of the planning committee for the parish fall festival this year.  (Most people have absolutely NO CLUE how many hours goes into something like this.)  I worked under and with an amazing group of adults!!

The girls and I were there at 8am for set up.  Mid-day, I took Miss Mabel and Clementine home (to get them out of the heat and Clementine, in for a nap).

Miss Sally, Ester and I were there working for 9 hours.

 Bottom left photo ::  Our priests dressing up as the Mario Brothers.
 Bottom right photo ::  My burn at the end of the day.

This week and coming weekend are going to be no different.  My motto is to "bend like the reeds" because it's all good, and this busy season will soon pass.

Coming down the pike this week ::
Tuesday - archery lessons (Stan)
Tuesday - riding lessons (Ester and Mabel)
Tuesday - Sally works (in less than four weeks she'll be driving herself!!)
Tuesday - Moms' Night Out (for me!)
Wednesday - weekday Mass
Wednesday - Confirmation class
Thursday - PT (Sally's knee)
Thursday - Sally works
Friday - Homecoming dance!! (Sally and Ester)
Saturday - Hike for Life TX (all proceeds go toward the crisis pregnancy centers in TX)
Sunday - Stan the man's 10th birthday!

Have a great week!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Good stuff here. What a special club for Stan and your husband. How great that there is stuff like that out there!
    Love the "retail therapy". That's a must every now and then, isn't it?
    Good luck with the rest of your week.

  2. You are amazing how you are so busy but keep everyone smiling!
    I love all the horse fun.

  3. That burn--ow! Looks like a blast of a weekend. And now I want caramel apples. Yum-o.


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