Saturday, September 5, 2015

Final Prepping for the Wedding Trip

Working on the wedding trip wardrobe, one thing I have noticed is how different all my kids' tastes in fashion are.  From country to sporty and everything in between, my kids really do like to dress up.

Ester's Week :

She was easy!

Earlier in the summer she purchased herself a new dress (Wrangler from Cavendars.)

I purchased  this denim vest for her at Stein Mart on sale for $12!

Miss Ester finally accepted the fact that the old work boots were not dress-up appropriate.

After receiving a great coupon in my email, she bought (with her own money) a new pair of boots from Cavendars.

She is not into jewelry, so we don't have to worry about accessories, and since she has everything else she needs for the trip, she is done.



Sally's week :

Sally is wearing the dress and jewelry she wore to the homeschool homecoming last fall.

This time around she is replacing the sparkly shoes with her  boots.  Of course.

The only other thing she was in need of were some  new jeans.

Which she purchased for herself with some of her hard-earned cash.

Sarah is done.



Stan the man LOVES to wear ties!  (He always looks so dapper dressed up ;)

He ended up needing a new tie (Chaps) and white dress shirt (Chaps) from Kohl's for a total of $22 with coupons and sale price!

And since he already painfully tried it on once to see if it fits, we won't see him in it again until the day of the wedding.

The sport coat from 18 months ago...he outgrew.  So we ended up buying a new one, (Chaps) at Kohl's.  With sale and coupons, I spent $45, (still more than I had wanted to.)

(It's actually navy, not gray looking like it is in the picture.)

Pairing all of that with some khaki pants, he's going to look like a little stud muffin ;)

Stan is done.



My other stud muffin, David.

He was super easy since he didn't need anything new.

He'll be wearing this ensemble with his navy suit.

David is finished.



Spreading out the needs of everyone before packing sure helped keep my sanity in check.

My niece's wedding gift should arrive in the mail today.  (Just remembered to purchase that a few days ago!)

The time to leave is fast approaching! We are all flying up to Chicago.  This is the first trip "back home" via airplane so it's like a mini vacation for us!  The kids are super excited for that.

Miss Clementine's backpack of goodies for the plane is ready to go.

The other four kids are in the process of getting their backpacks shored up, putting games and movies on their tablets.

I also booked one night at a water park...all the out of town cousins are staying there.  So much excitement!  It was too expensive to stay there the entire trip, so the other nights we will sleep at my mom's house.

My mom will have all nine children, their spouses, and all the grandchildren (47 of us)  visiting for the first time since my father passed away in 2006.

Grammy is SO EXCITED!  (And if you are from a BIG family, you know just how loud and now it is going to be!)

Good times indeed!

Please keep us in your prayers for a safe trip!

~  Patty  ~


  1. We are taking the oldest 6 to Disney in a few weeks and I have a question about booster seats - how do you pack them? Do you carry it on with you or put it in a suitcase? We'd rather not use up suitcase space as we'll be bringing 2 of them for the rental car when we get there. We haven't flown with booster seat sized kids before...just babies in the little bucket seat.

    You're all lookin' good! Make sure to take a ton of pictures of the whole crew! :-)

    1. What a fun trip you are planning! Car seats and youth booster seats can be checked in with regular luggage but not counted against you. They put the seat in a big bag with tag. Or, if you have a seat for your little one on the plane, you can use the carseat/ or booster seat on the plane. But then you are lugging it around.

      Just prepped the one camera I am taking. We are so stinking excited!

    2. Thanks for sharing - we couldn't figure out how to make the booster seat thing work, but sounds like it should be super easy! :-)

  2. You all are going to be so cute! I love everyone's unique style and how you worked with them to make their wedding outfits. Cool mom! Praying for your safe travels and an enjoyable time with your family.

    1. A handful of teenage girls, oh my goodness! I was one of four girls...not sure how my mother survived us in addition to her five sons ;)

  3. Boys are so funny about trying on clothes! I think they would rather lose an arm ;) You guys are going to look great, can't wait to see a picture of you all together!

  4. Everyone is going to look so nice. Stan is wearing the best outfit on a young boy. I love khakis with a blue jacket.
    Prayers for safe travels. Can't wait to hear and see all about it when you return. Make sure someone get a picture of the seven of you all dressed up!

    1. I think the navy/ khaki is a winner, too. I was going to have David in the same scheme, but he needed a new pair of khakis and boy oh boy! He refused to buy anything new so I moved him into a suit. Men. Thanks for the prayers!

  5. Wait! What about you???? Are you ready? What are you wearing? Did I miss that post? And I must say your girls are rocking awesome in those boots!!! LOVE it! Can't wait to "hear" all about that great vacation. Yahoo! Or is it giddy up? Or whatever you say in Texas!

    1. I put one up about a month ago. It had Mabel, Clementine, and myself...with a new hair cut to boot!

  6. What a cute and fun post!! What about your wardrobe? Did I miss that post? And what about Miss Clementine's?

    Love the different styles and that the older ones are paying for some of their "wants"! We do the same thing!

    1. You did miss the post. About a month early August or late July I think?? And yes! I love having the two oldest being able to buy their "wants" ;)

  7. Sounds like a ton of fun! Parying for safe travel for everyone.

  8. My prayers go with you for safe and FUN travels! Oh boy, your Mom must be the happiest lady on the planet to have all of her chicks and their families home:)


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