Tuesday, August 4, 2015

(Crock pot) Salsa Chicken

Salsa Chicken

This one had my house smelling soooo good, as my friend Nancy would say, "I could have eaten the walls!"

Ingredients :  (* I tweaked the original recipe)

2 pounds of skinless/boneless chicken breast
1 cup salsa
1 (10.5 oz) cream of chicken soup
1 pkg taco seasoning
1 (15.25 oz) can of corn (drain)
1 (15 oz) can of black beans (drain)
1 cup sour cream

Directions :

1.  Place the chicken in the crock pot and then add the beans and corn followed by the taco seasoning.

2.  In a separate bowl, mix the salsa and soup together then pour over the chicken.

3.  Cover and cook on high for 6 hours.  Add 1 cup sour cream during the last hour to get a creamy sauce.

Serve over rice.  (I found this recipe here.)


~ Patty  ~


  1. I've made this many times, but without the corn and beans. I'm for sure adding them next time! We usually serve this over baked potatoes or on top of tortilla chips - either one is a winner!

  2. That really does look so good!

  3. Hi Patty! This really does look wonderful. I'll be over to start digging into your walls! I can't eat really spicy foods (stomach) but this looks definitely like something I could handle.
    Thanks for sharing!
    PS Family reunion next month? FUN!!


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