Monday, August 3, 2015

August Days - Daybook Post

Outside my window ~


I'm not complaining though.  This is Texas and it is the beginning of August.  It sure does make me tend to be a bit more lazy.  Why is that anyway?

I am thankful for ~

* the right to homeschool

* air conditioned homes

* my husband's sense of humor

* lazy days of summer

* Grammy's visit

What I am reading ~

I REALLY like this book.  It's an easy read, broken into five chapters, and each chapter has about five or six sections.  At the end of each chapter, there's some thought-provoking questions (which makes this a good book to read and discuss in a book club) along with a prayer pertaining to the subject of that chapter.  I kind of think of it as a "quick start" book you receive when you purchase a new piece of technology.

From the school room ~

* One of their favorite days of school is when we go buy supplies.

The second favorite day is the last day of school.  Ha ha ha!

* Today is our first day of the 2015-2016 school year!

No cute bulletin board was put up this year.  I could not find any back-to-school cards to put on their night stands the night before.  No big fanfare or hoopla.

I am not beating myself up.  We are kind of just there, being mellow.  Blame it on the heat, I don't know.

We will get to those things eventually.

(They did wake up to donuts to kick off the first day of school!)

Around the house ~

Can you imagine pulling 7 horses and teenage girls to a good, old-fashioned riding competition?  (Me neither!)  Miss Ester's instructor is amazing!

From the kitchen Cheesecake Factory ~

Their new flavor was unrolled last week on National Cheesecake Day!

Salted Caramel

Lawdy be!

A handful of mommy friends from my homeschool group got together, kind of last minute.  Dang!  It was good.

I am praying for ~

* my nieces who had a very difficult decision to make regarding the health of their estranged father

* our priests

* an end to abortion

* for all those who have asked me to pray for them

I am listening to ~

* bugs outside and the running a.c.

Coming down the pike this week ~

* Monday is the first day of the school year!

* Mon-Thurs music camp at church (in the mornings) for Stan and Mabel

* Swim lessons begin for Miss Clementine (in the evenings)

* Saturday - hair cut for myself

* Sunday - our homeschool group is hosting the author of Dressing with Dignity, Colleen Hammond, at our church hall.

Another picture to share ~

My mom and I while she was here in Texas.  We miss her but look forward to seeing her and my entire (crazy huge) family in September.

Wishing you a great first week of August!

~  Patty  ~


  1. We are having one of those no-fanfare-just-kind-of-ho-hum starts this year too. We have a late trip planned and then, when we return, some of their online classes start before Labor Day and some start after. So, since it's kind of hard to have an official "first day", we are just going to kind of roll into it instead of jump in.Hope you guys have an awesome year!

    1. Thanks, Charlotte! Had to chuckle when I told my husband that music camp and sister's swim lessons begin today as well. The life of a homeschool family...

  2. Happy First Day! Faith has been doing math and English all summer so we never really had an end to school. Soon she'll take her CAT tests and by the end of the month we'll start again. I'm starting to wish we had taken a break. But she poked along and that's the consequence. You're a nice mommy to start with donuts! Noah starts class at Ohio Dominican on August 17 -- I'll have to get his schultute ready!

    I'm just curious, because I haven't made up my mind yet, do you use an online curriculum, a Catholic curriculum or make up your own?

    1. Catholic curriculum. We use Seton. Have since my oldest was in Kinder. One of the things I dreaded as a school teacher was to create lesson plans. I detested making lesson plans every Sunday before the school week started. It ate up so much of my time. When I ventured into homeschooling, I wanted a Catholic curriculum that did the plans for me. ;) Everyone around me was using Seton, so I just started with Seton...and still use them. I do switch out a couple of things depending on the student, and the kids know that the lesson plans can be adjusted to fit their own needs. Most importantly, I really like having a "deadline" because I'm afraid I would not get things done (on my end). I admire moms who can mix it up...I'd rather be mixing up my margarita and sitting by the pool! LOL

    2. Haha! I used Seton for the boys but Faith is this creative, free-spirit that Seton just about killed her. But, now, after years of starting with CHC and then mixing in some other things and then finally coming up with my own mix, I have come to realize she is really just a lazy student and would rather be doing almost anything else (except any other kind of work), so I'm thinking about doing Seton again this year because we haven't decided what we'll do for high school. I agree about the lesson plans and accountability. And even though we're using the same English we used when the boys were doing Seton, I miss their in-lesson sentence diagramming.

  3. Happy First Day of School!!!!!!
    And I adore the picture of you and your Mamma! : )

  4. Good luck to all the kids as they begin their school year! I was an 8th grade math teacher for 33 years and buying school supplies was one of my favorite things to do too.

  5. All I have to say about Colleen Hammond, is make sure you wear a skirt to listen to her talk. (or you will feel really bad and out of place) Thank goodness I was wearing a skirt when I heard her talk at a women's conference I went to a few years ago...but my friend was not. (although my friend was dressed very modestly)

    The horse show sounds amazing!
    Loved your comments about the best days of school.
    My kids would probably only say the best day is the last though...
    Need to get supplies Thursday...they go on sale Thursday. I need to go through all my packed away boxes in the garage that are just labeled "schoolroom" today....I'm putting it off and checking a few of my favorite bloggies!

    That picture of you and your mama....LOVE!


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