Friday, July 10, 2015

What's for Sunday dinner?

Anyone with big plans for the weekend? 

We are going to be low key this weekend.  I like low key every once in awhile.

For Sunday dinner I am in the mood for some Stuffed Jumbo Shells with garlic bread and salad on the side.  (Recipe here)

And for dessert, I'm planning on baking Black Bottom Cupcakes ... cupcakes stuffed with cream cheese and chocolate chips morsels!  (Recipe here)

Here's an unfrosted cupcake picture of heavenly awesome-ness!!

Wishing you a perfectly awesome weekend and a delicious-filled Sunday!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Sounds heavenly!
    We have a wedding tomorrow...
    But Sunday we are grilling some chicken and using some farm fresh produce for sides!!!
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. Hi Patty! Oh Lord, if I ate that, I'd need a wheelbarrow to carry me out. I'd overeat like crazy!! (I'll bring the wine though, ok?) Sounds FABULOUS!
    We're heading out for a little vaca with my daughter and her family. She's due with baby #3 mid-August, so it's kind of a 'last hurrah'. I'm sure whatever we have for dinner will include something delish like your dinner :) At least I hope so!

  3. Yup, low key is the best! And a Sunday dinner like that? Well, I just might have to!

  4. Looks delish! We're low key this weekend too. It's going to be hot and humid and well, pregnancy. It's kind of taking its toll right about now. I should say that I will be low key. Hubby has a retaining wall project in the works and prepping for 16 new baby chicks set to arrive early next week. Yes, we're crazy.
    Happy Weekend!


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