Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Ombre Hair

Oh to be a teenager again!

Miss Sally is having a FUN summer working as a swim instructor aide (split shifts, 8 hours a day), earning a great paycheck (and a tan), and coloring her hair for the first time (with her own moolah).

I think the ombre style turned out quite pretty!

Ombre Hair - highlights toward the ends of the hair which originated in France (according to Pinterest...)

Oh to be a 3 year old again (with natural ombre hair)!

Women pay BIG bucks for this look.  (Just ask Miss Sally ;)

And then I cut  6" off!

She twiddles her hair while she sucks her thumb, never leaving in pony tails.  In fact, she breaks the strands of hair when she pulls the pony tail out.   I was tired of her looking like a wild child, somewhat on the unkept side.

She still is wild, but at least looks more presentable ;)

~  Patty  ~


  1. Miss Sally's hair looks great!

  2. The both look great. Ever since you mentioned Sally getting those highlights, I've been wanting to go out on the edge and do it myself! Love it on her.

    1. I would if I didn't have so many gray hairs to tend to up on top! LOL

      Pros: The style will last a very long time since the highlight is on the bottom. The style looks really amazing when your hair is curled.

      Cons: It is costly to have was for her since she has some of the thickest hair on the planet. You will need to have it cut and shaped, probably with layers. (She had layers put in along the bottom, about 2"-3" up.)

  3. Beauties and such pretty hair!

  4. I am a homeschool mom in Tennessee and I just love your blog. I read it daily. We are not Catholic, but I love reading all the details of your Catholic faith. It's like reading about another culture and is so interesting to me. By the way, I just love the little one's haircut. It makes her look so grownup.

  5. Beautiful!
    Both of those babies!!!! : )

  6. Love Sally's hair. Pretty girl! Oh!!! You cut the little curl off!!

  7. Both of them... gorgeous!


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