Sunday, July 12, 2015

DIY Loft Bed

Miss Mabel and Ester share a bedroom.

Miss Ester has a school desk by her bed.

There was no room for one by Miss Mabel's.

So....after perusing Pinterest, David and Mabel decided to assemble a really cool loft bed for her.

Let the building begin.

David made Miss Mabel measure and mark all the pieces.  (She is REALLY good at that, BTW!)

Then he double checked them all before they cut the pieces and assembled.

Don't ask me about measurements, because the project went seriously fast!  I took Miss Clementine to ballet and when I came home I found this...

The frame was secured on three corners with super securing screws (I hope) and a braided, nylon rope anchored to the ceiling running to the fourth corner.

I do know the bed has to be 30" below the ceiling.  (That wall is  8' but the ceilings angle up to 10')

I was like, holy crap!  That's really fast progress in 75 minutes!

After a lunch break, they installed the ladder and rail.

Waa Laa!

It was ready to be slept in.

A few days later, I drove Miss Mabel over to IKEA (I love that store!) to pick out a new desk and chair.

She and I assembled it without Big D's help!

The finished product...

Before ::

Mabel's twin bed is on the left in the picture below.  Ester's is on the right.

(Since I forgot to take a BEFORE picture, I threw in these two from when we painted the room a few years ago and put the new flooring in last year.)


School just became a little more exciting for this child who is growing up a little too quickly ;)

~  Patty ~


  1. Your husband is a genius! And how wonderful that he has the patience to let her help with the project.

  2. This is a great idea! My oldest tried a set up like this in the college dorms and he had to remember not to wake up and sit up quickly or he'd hit his head on ceiling. It's nice to see Mabel has plenty of room to relax and work.

  3. That is so awesome! Gives them so much more floor room!

  4. Great project! And I also love IKEA (as much as one can love a store, that is!). I think we may have that EXACT desk for my 13 year old, only she chose a grey desk top. We just picked it up last weekend. I need to post some of the projects we've been rockin' out over here at the new house.

  5. So cool! Like I said, I'd totally want that bedroom. Well done.


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