Monday, June 15, 2015

And The Beat Goes On - Daybook Post

Outside my window ~

Miss Clementine calls these her "darlins"  or "childs".

The sizzlin' temps of Texas have made the pool feel so refreshing.

**There hasn't been ANY rain in June and the water is still over flood-stage in a lot of places.  Cray-cray!**

I am thankful for ~

* the chaperones who are attending the mission trip with my girls

* Sonic shakes

* a good night sleep

* slower-paced schedule this week

* good friends

What I am reading ~

* Half way through this...
To answer a few questions I received about it...

1.  It is broken down into 4 parts - On Traditions & Daily Life, On Sacrifice & Obedience, On Sacraments & The Liturgical Life, and Where Is My Honorary Degree.

2.  Each of the four parts have a handful of short (1 - 1.5 page) stories to go along with the theme followed by contemplation/ action.

3.  It is easy to short story a day.

4.  I have already started a new tradition that I picked up in this book.

* Stan the man is reading the Chronicles of Narnia...currently on The Silver Chair.

Since the first three books were made into movies, he watched the movie after reading the book.

From the school room ~

*  Miss Sally has just one more chem lab to complete in order to close out her chemistry w/ lab credit.

* Ester continues to focus on Pre-Algebra over the summer.

* Stan continues to review Math and English.

* Still waiting to hear the announcement of the essay writing contest Miss Mabel entered.

Around our house ~

Miss Ester and Miss Mabel had a great horse camp last week.  It was near 100 degrees every day.  (Lawdy be!  I would have melted!)

*  Due to the  "Fecal Contamination" in our subdivision pool last Friday....(sigh)....our swimming plans were changed.

Since we didn't want to hang out with the "floaters" (excuse the pun), Sally and I took Stan and Miss Clementine to an old park in town...where they changed the old fountain into a splash pad.

(Side note::  when there is a call of "fecal contamination", the pool is always treated and shut down for 24 hours. )

* Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to the mission trip they go.

Miss Sally and Ester took off for Catholic Heart Work Camp last Saturday.  They'll be in Denver for one week working with the poor and needy.

From the kitchen ~

Freshly picked cucumbers from David and Miss Mabel's garden.  Soooo delicious!!

I am praying for ~

* the teenagers and chaperones that are on the mission trip this week

* friends of ours who were in a serious car accident

* peace in our world

* our priests

* for all those who have asked me to pray for them

 I am listening to ~

The sounds that only 3 out of 5 children make.  How quiet it will be in my house this week!

Coming down the pike this week ~

Tuesday - Archery
Tuesday - Book Club night
Wednesday - Ballet
Friday - Swim party
Saturday - Girls arrive home from mission trip

A last photo to share ~

A little bit of beautiful Texas sky.  The girls took this photo  coming home from horse camp last week...

God's beauty is so amazing!

Wishing all a great week!!

~  Patty  ~


  1. I love the darlins all lined up and the sky pic is gorgeous. Sounds like the kids have a full summer planned. Enjoy!

  2. The book :: I have had a couple people inquire about the specific age marketed for that book. In my honest opinion, the book can be read/ and put into action by anyone, Catholic or not, young parent or grandparent, single or married.

    For the young starting out, there are so many actions to contemplate, actions that you may or may not want to utilize in your own family some day.

    For those like myself who have some in high school, I am always learning. I am always looking out for some new item to add to my parenting or spiritual toolbox.

    For grandparents, you have the opportunity to continue setting the example for you children (even though they may be adults) and grandchildren. My own parents set a fantastic example to their 27 grandchildren, and even though my father has been gone for 8 years, his actions spoke so loudly about his faith, that the grandchildren who remember him still look up to him and want to make "Poppy" proud.

    Where not every short story may apply to you at this time in your life, the book is filled with abundant examples that can be productively lived.

    1. Thanks Patty, that helps. I think I will order one.

  3. The Darlins. I love that photo too since it's so summery. The end photo the girls took is Thanks for sharing it!
    Praying for your girls this week while they are away. I've been thinking of them. A more relaxed week is good. We are the same here this week before ordination and First Mass this weekend and next week a painting community ed class for the big kids several AMs. By then I'll be zooming into my third trimester and have a dr appt and glucose test as well. EEK!! We also have our parish going away party for our priest next week and we'll quickly head into his last days as our pastor. I'm still working through that trauma and heartbreak. Praying for priests along with you as well.

    Much love from MN, sweet lady.

  4. I can't wait to hear about their mission trip.
    You have such good book recommendations. Need to add this to my list.
    Fun summer pics!

  5. Beautiful sky! Enjoy the "semi-quietness"!!! :)

  6. So much to comment on here! Love the veggies! You know I envy your garden! The sky is gorgeous! I know your girls are going to have an inspirational time serving others. Hores camp- sigh!! How cool is that? And I covet your water. All of our parks have closed the water play areas due to the draught. :(

  7. Wow! So much going on in your home! Beautiful photo at the end!

    Hope your daughter's arm heals quickly! (different post, trying to catch up!)

    My son is doing that same Science w/lab...did you need to buy quite a few items...we couldn't find quite a few of the things...I think we need a "school supply" place in our city!

    "floaters" seem to happen quite a bit at our local wading pool....thank God it has never happened to embarrassing to make everyone have to leave because your child pooped!! :)


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