Monday, May 18, 2015

Spring Days - Daybook Post

Outside my window ~

Intermittent blue skies mixed with a lot of rain.

Thanks for the previous comments about praying for our safety!  We live in North Texas (just north of Dallas).  Our weather forecast for the next five days...scattered thunderstorms every. single. day.

I am thankful for ~

* an end to the school year

* margaritas

* delicious recipes

* my beloved

* my children

What I am reading ~

A friend of mine was speaking highly about it, so I purchased the kindle edition.

* Easy read
* EVERYONE should read it
* Hits you right between the eyes
* It's food for the soul

From the school room ~

I ordered the following two in hard copy...waiting for them to arrive

A Catholic Parent's Tool Box - Raising Healthy Families in the 21st Century
Rocking the Cradle - Raising Little Saints in a Lukewarm Culture

From the school room ~

* In the great state of Texas, homeschoolers (protected by the law as private schools) do not have to take achievement tests.  

I still administer them.  (Sometimes just every other year.)  This week, my middle three will take the  CAT (California Achievement Test).

Miss Mabel is an official 7th grader!

She successfully completed the following subjects ::


* Miss Ester graduates on Saturday from 8th grade!!  (Graduation pictures next week ;)

She successfully completed the following subjects ::

Physical Science (w/ lab)

* Miss Mabel and Ester attended their end-of-the-year Little Flower/ Little Women tea party. I had to share the beautiful and feminine paper products the hostess used ::

(The hostess found them on Amazon.)

Around our house ~

David and Mabel's garden has just flourished in all this rain!

Isn't it amazing what a motivator an impending party can be to get things done on the "to-do" list??

Project #1

Each year I eliminate some of the blinds in the house.  ( They are such a dusty mess!!)  I try to replace them with those thermo-shield panels.

Here's a dated picture of our old dining room window dressings...2" plantation blinds and plaid curtains:

The new look ::

No more dusty blinds to clean!  The thermo curtains are great for blocking the light and privacy.

Project #2

This next project was my practical Mother's Day request.  It was really needed.

The old and dismantled storage bench / seat  ::

After 8 years of Texas sun and kids going in and out to get yard toys, it just plumb wore out.

The new one ::

I love these benches because they look like furniture and act like furniture, and we are able to store toys inside.  Anyone else have one?

From the kitchen ~

I signed up to bring the fruit for to the tea party last Friday.  I needed something simple  yet fun so I went to Pinterest ::

I prepared  individualized fruit cups.

Red - strawberries
Yellow - pineapple
Green - green grapes

The color ideas can go on and on!  (I found the cups at Hobby Lobby.)

I am praying for ~

* all those who have asked me to pray for them

* all those receiving the holy Sacraments this spring

* all those students who are graduating

I am listening to ~

David and Miss Mabel discussing how to fix something upstairs...something to do with electronics.

Stan the man is showering in our bathroom.  I have to CONSTANTLY yell at him to turn the water off.  (For Pete's sake!!)

Coming down the pike this week ~

* Monday - Dear daughter's scoliosis check up
* Tuesday - Archery class (been rained out for the past few weeks.)
* Wednesday - My LAST Confirmation class for the year - Woo Hoo!
* Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday  - CAT testing
* Thursday - Legoland homeschool days...$10 tickets!  I'm taking Stan and Clementine.
* Friday - Birthday party for a friend of Stan's
* Saturday - Baccalaureate Mass for Miss Ester

Final photo to share ~

That was at a customer's house, a customer of David's.  He killed it for the poor woman.

Wishing y'all a fantastic week!

~  Patty  ~


  1. The new look is beautiful! Well done!
    Your husband is a knight - killing the snake. :0
    I am envious of your garden! :)
    And thank you for the book recommendation - sounds great.

  2. That garden looks fabulous! Kudos to David and Mabel.
    And, the only good snake in my opinion, is a dead one. There was a large water moccasin (at least 10 feet long, I'm almost sure--I may be exaggerating a little) on my patio one evening. I ran across the street to find a neighbor who was braver than me. I'm not sure he was much braver but he was stronger and was able to get it killed on the first try. Thank goodness for men who try to be brave for us women. God Bless David and my neighbor.

  3. Oh, my gosh!! Did he clean it up for her too? I'm very squeamish with dead things and, well, I guess living things too!! We had 2 birds fly into our porch window yesterday and die right on the chair below. GROSS!! We had a long, like 6 inches, worm in our newly carpeted basement yesterday too. How the heck did he get in? (I picked him up with an envelope, a long envelope) and flushed him. How did he get in?

    It's been raining for days here too.
    (hence the worm?)
    We had sirens go off, for a tornado sighting about 20 miles away...I hate tornado season. I grab my and Bridget's insulin, snacks for, phones, head downstairs where we have family prayer...

    Love the fresh fruit idea in those cute little cups!
    The garden looks amazing!
    Love the new curtains!
    Love your new bench too!

  4. So many super wonderful things to comment on, I just don't know where to begin!
    The garden is doing so well. Way to go! We just finished putting the rest of ours in the other evening. That was right before 4+ inches of rain and a near tornado/funnel cloud on the other side of our town. Sigh. Delightful spring. Any who, the potatoes and beans we did plant over a week or two ago, are popping up and my perennials are so lush. Love.
    The storage box is super cute and I bet a welcome addition. The Little Flowers special and pretty. Great ideas!
    The snake....eew! Because we have a fair amount of rock in our front landscaping, snakes (not quite as big as yours) like to reside there. It wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't fearful of them and if I hadn't been scared out of my pants on several occasions while weeding my flowers that are within said rocks. argh.
    ps...bathroom project here is going well and making progress. Hubby almost has the shower tile complete, which is a miracle since he has zero 'spare' time. That extra rain last weekend was good for something! ha.

  5. eewww! Snakes are so nasty. One of our cats had one last week. Thankfully dear hubby was home to take care of it.
    Isn't the end of the year great?!? It's always nice to see what they have accomplished.
    I can't believe your garden. We are just getting ours started here. The weather has been rather cool. Hopefully ours is as plentiful as yours.

  6. Hi Patty! I WANT THOSE BEANS!! We had fresh green beans for dinner last night, just love them. Our weather isn't the best for growing yet, I'm definitely loving looking at the photo of your fat ones!
    Mabel is such a lovely young woman, congrats on her moving on up.
    It's so funny that you have to tell Stan to shut the water off. I found out later (always later...) that we'd send my son up for a shower, he'd run the water, then emerge. Never actually got in!! Sigh...
    Have a wonderful Wednesday :)

  7. I'm praying for you and meaning to write back to your email all the time. Thinking of you my friend!


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