Friday, April 24, 2015

The Faces of the Homeless

There's no "What's for Sunday dinner?" post this week.

In its place, I must share this picture that was sent to our home school group ~

The survival kits our home school kids prepared were delivered to the homeless in Dallas this past week.  The lady in the blue t-shirt works with this amazing ministry out of another parish.

It has been quite a humbling experience for the children and adults.

How the service project worked::

1.  A mom from our home school group met with this ministry's spokesperson and decided to chair this service project for our group.

2.  Home school families donated money, and we took money out of our petty cash fund as well.  Items for the kits were purchased in bulk quantity.

3.  A night was set to meet and assemble the kits.  (It was short notice and whoever could come were welcome.)

4.  Items were laid out on tables.  Children and parents took a spot by a table and as the large Ziploc bag was passed, we would put an item from our spot into the bag and then pass it along.

Survival kit items ::

tooth paste
band aids
pad of paper
granola bars
apple sauce packs
plastic spoon
and other various non perishable food items

We also placed holy cards into each bag.

*Approximately 85 bags were assembled.  Set up time to completed assembly took maximum one hour.  We had approximately 40 people show up to help.

When I saw this picture come through on my email, it brought tears to my eyes.  To put a face to a homeless person and to see that human being holding a bag we touched...there are no words.  Humility.  Compassion.  Gratitude.  These words just scratch the service.  It was such a blessing to take part in this service project.
I am not putting this post up for accolades, but to promote what we really can do as brothers and sisters in Christ.  I had a lot of inquiries since I first posted our project here.  I earnestly pray that this corporal work of mercy has a wide ripple effect!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Patty, that is really awesome! Maybe it's something I can do in our group as well. Very inspiring! :o) Becky

  2. Patty, this is so beautiful and thank you for you and your family and group being God's hands to feed those in need! I know when our homeschool group provides meals and feeds the homeless we are blessed as much as those we serve! Thank you for your generous heart!

  3. What a wonderful wonderful wonderful thing to do! PS~ I took the day (Sunday) off from laundry and relaxed and thought of you so thank you!


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