Monday, April 20, 2015

Spring Days - Daybook Post

Outside my window ~

Beautiful weather.

Friday and Saturday brought some strong thunderstorms to Texas at bedtime, but there was only glorious sunshine during the day.

I am thankful for ~

* so many good friends we have made in Texas over the past 8 years

* seeing so many GOOD people in a world that seems to have gone mad

* Miss Sally's new job (swim instructor assistant with the city)

* children who have the drive to be employed

What I am reading ~

Nada.  Not since Easter.

From the school room ~

* Stan the Man has finished up a few subjects for the year:  Phonics, Vocab, History, Maps & Charts.

* Service Project ::  Assembling Survival Kits for the homeless shelter in Dallas

These photos do not do the night justice.  One of the moms in our group, Amber, organized this amazing service project.  First, she collected the monetary donations from families in our group, and then she purchased items for the kits in bulk quantity.  Last Friday night was assembly night where  she set up stations for each item and had the kids and parents stood in an assembly line to fill some 85 survival kits.

Survival Kits included: chapstick, tissues, combs, wipes, pens, pads, tooth brushes, toothpaste, deodorant, Gatorade, small food items, apple sauce cups with plastic spoons, holy cards...(and I know I'm missing items from the list.)

There is a group of adults from another parish that take these kits down into the city and deliver them to the homeless shelter.

Around the house ~

They've taken a liking to horse barrel  and pole bending races!

We sat outside to watch a thunderstorm blow in on Saturday night...

From the kitchen ~

I was only able to get part of my menu and grocery shopping completed.  Need to work on that after I finish this post.  (Can we say priorities.)

I am praying for ~

* Heather and her family...that they will be in their new home soon.

* Annie and her family.  Annie is the young mother of five battling a horrible monster inside of her.

* For all the persecuted Christians around the world, in particular, for those in the current holocaust taking place in the Middle East and Africa.

I am listening to ~

Silence.  It is golden.

Coming down the pike this week ~

Monday - Art class for Sally and Ester
Tuesday - Archery for Stand and Mabel
Saturday - Garage Sale - for the youth group's mission trip

A final photo to share ~

Wishing you a wonderful week!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Good Monday morning, Patty!
    Congrats to your daughter on her new job!!!!!
    Have a wonderful week, my friend.
    And look at that baby of yours!
    She is sporting some sass! : )

  2. Thank you for your prayers...still waiting on the bank over here - ugh!

    Love the picture of your little Clementine - can you say attitude?!? :-)

  3. What great photos. So many smiles. C. is getting so big! I love your service project. Your posts always encourage me and inspire gratitude.

  4. What great photos. So many smiles. C. is getting so big! I love your service project. Your posts always encourage me and inspire gratitude.

  5. I love her sassy attitude!
    Congrats on your daughter's job! We're working on summer jobs and post college jobs and that's the main topic around here!

  6. Those kits look amazing! Congratulations on the barrel riding - wow! Gainfully employed teens also does my heart good!! I will add your intentions to my own.

  7. So nice to see the goings-on at your place. I wish my oldest would get bitten by the "employment bug." God bless you and your group for the service project you did!!
    Enjoy the rest of your week. Looks like another busy one.

  8. Hi Patty! Your little one has some serious 'tude for modeling! What a wonderful service you did, and the leader of your group is such a blessing. Such small things can make all the difference in the world to someone who has very little/nothing.
    Looking at your children and their horse ribbons, I can't help but think that they are becoming Texas natives. (And they are such beautiful girls too!)
    Hope you got out to shopping? I had my last PT appointment yesterday. Yay! It'll take a year or so to get all the way back to normal, but it's definitely a milestone.

  9. I'm hoping to organize the making of those kits in our homeschool group! Fabulous idea.


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