Monday, April 27, 2015

No Worries

Life has been rather hectic here lately, but at least one person knows how to savor every moment.

(P.S.  This was before our precious Blue Bell ice cream was taken off the shelves.)

~  Patty  ~


  1. Well hello there sweet baby!!!!
    And Patty...sorry about your ice cream.
    Try Schwans!!!
    It is soooo good! : )

  2. We are really missing blue bell, nothing else even comes close to the goodness!

  3. Love her! I have 3 tubs in the freezer. :(

  4. Those toddlers just keep rolling with the crazy, hectic, don't they? Especially if there's ice cream involved. The last two weeks with play rehearsals it allowed me to squeeze in extra little things like donuts from the bakery, a visit to a different library and playground time. While it was crazy running around with the big kids, it did make for some little fun things for the girls.

    Seeing C with the ice cream sandwich inspired me to grab ice cream treats today in honor of St. Gianna's feast day rather than cake or cupcakes. Thank you! :)

  5. So true, right? If I would just watch little kids a little more and act like them (at least for a bit during each day) then life sure would be a whole lot better! Love those pics! Hang in there.. summer is coming.. and I think like REALLY soon for you!

  6. Hi Patty! I don't think we have Blue Bell around here, but it's always sad to see ice cream recalled! Love that stuff...
    Hope things are slowing down? Deep breaths and long showers!


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