Monday, April 13, 2015

April Showers - Daybook Post

Outside my window ~


I don't mind a nice thunderstorm, but I really don't like those ginoromous ones that scare the beegeesus out of me.

What I am thankful for ~

Sundays.  Our day of rest.  The Baltimore Catechism teaches us how to keep the Lord's day holy by refraining from unnecessary servile work (scrubbing floors, doing laundry, etc).   These days of rest are so good in so many ways.  I typically have to force myself to relax and do nothing, so I have come to be so thankful for them!

What I am reading ~

St. Gemma Galgani's feast day was this past Saturday, April 11.  Miss Ester chose her as her Confirmation saint, so we are celebrating this beautiful saint in our April Living Liturgy.

From the school room ~

* This week is our mid-term week.  The kids are working hard; no one is caving in to spring fever (yet).

* Religion / Living Liturgy for April

April 11 - Feast of St. Gemma Galgani
April 12 - Feast of Divine Mercy
April 13 - Miss Ester's baptism birthday
April 29 - Feast of St. Catherine of Sienna

Around our house ~

Miss Mabel pulled out the water table.

I found this flower hanger at Target for $6.  It holds scarves, belts, necklaces, etc.  I bought one for each of the girls.

From the kitchen ~

I put up some new recipes last week ::

Tuna Salad (recipe here)

Baked Macaroni & Cheese (recipe here)

And Miss Clementine calls this... "white smoothie".  Ha ha ha!

I am praying for ~

* all those who have asked me to pray for them

* the repose of the soul of my Aunt Frances

* an immediate family member recently diagnosed with cancer

* peace in our home school as we near the end of the school year

* peace in our world, particularly for Christians in the Middle Easter and Africa

I am listening to ~

The coffee pot making my morning magic.

Coming down the pike this week ~

Sunday - Feast of Divine Mercy (Living Liturgy)
Monday - Art class co-op (my turn to drive)
Monday - Miss Ester's baptism birthday
Tuesday - Coordinator for Metro-Aquatics swim team picture day.  (Just a few hundred kids to organize...say a prayer for me ;)
Friday - Home school service project (survival kits for the homeless shelter)
Saturday - Horse riding competition for Miss Ester and Miss Mabel

A final photo to share ~

Because living without a basement during the "stormy" season has never been very comforting to me.  I am hoping to get better sleep when it is storming outside.

Have a great week!

~  Patty ~


  1. GIRL!!! I can't believe you've lived in Texas this long without a weather radio! Just be sure to set if for the counties that you are closest too if you don't want it going off constantly. We used to have one like that but have recently transitioned to a portable kind that can be taken in the car or in the storm closet with us. It's smaller and looks like a walkie talkie. I also use a weather radio app on my iPhone. There is comfort in knowing what's going on when those big ones hit. You can use a map like this one to find those counties nearest you.

  2. Happy post!
    Love all your recipes, Patty!
    Enjoy your last few weeks of schooling this year...
    We are getting close as well.
    But not close enough to pull out the water table. (Which I bought last year after seeing yours!)
    Have a happy day, my dear friend.
    Stay safe!

  3. I have almost gotten a weather radio every summer for the past dozen years...and then I don't. Lately, I rely on my cell phone. But I guess if it is a really bad storm, the cell coverage probably wouldn't be available. Let us know what you think about it...and remind me again to buy one!

  4. The white smoothie looks delicious! And girls in swimsuits!! Gotta love spring in Texas.

  5. I like your "white smoothie" and your Sunday, day of rest!

  6. Love it! I also have to force myself to relax on Sunday, but I've been loving learning how to let go and rest in His day!


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