Sunday, March 1, 2015

Winter Warlock's Victim - Daybook Post

Outside my window ~

Cloudy, miserable, damp.

We had 2 winter storms hit us last week.   First was the ice storm, here.  Then came snow followed by freezing rain this past Friday and Saturday.

(That would be my front left fender after rear ending a sweet, old man.)

I would consider myself a very  experienced, winter weather driver from northern Illinois, and last week I had my first fender bender ever - and it happened in Texas.

Mother nature chose all kinds of victims, experienced or not.

We have no salt trucks.  No plows.  We are sitting ducks.

My accident happened on a measly 1.5" of snow packed slipperiness.  Even though I was creeping at 10mph to a stop, my van decided to keep sliding forward.  I could not go left, (there was a big median directly on my driver side), nor could I go right since there were two cars on that side.  I had enough time to say, "I am going to hit that car,"  and then I did.

So yes.  When it snows in Texas, there's good reason for people to freak out and shut the state down.

Here's another and by far scarier image...

Tow trucks are sent out onto the ramps to tow semis up, over and off the ramps.

Take a look at the pick up truck on the top tier in the above photo.  Talk about scary!  These folks were on live news feed creeping very slow when they spun out.

Yes, we can poke fun at ourselves down here in the south, but this particular storm was a really bad one.  On that same day, there was  a huge pile up of cars just north of town on the expressway where we live.

What I am thankful for ~

* the accident was only a fender bender

* that the two kids I had in the car with me were all safe and sound

* car insurance

* the sweet, old gentleman whose car I rear ended was so kind and forgiving

* the very kind police officer

From the school room ~

* It is quarter finals week for Ester, Mabel and Stan.

* Miss Sally's high school work is a lot heavier than the others, so she has decided to forfeit spring break and take her time on finals instead.

What I am reading ~

* I have about four daily devotionals coming through my email feed this Lent.

* I just started reading The Grace of Yes: Eight Virtues for Generous Living, by Lisa M. Hendey.

From the kitchen ~

Due to the winter storm, we had to postpone our Friday dinner plans with Fr. Art.  (Drat!)

The good news is, we were able to reschedule it for THIS Friday and plan to have the same menu.

Around the house ~

Southern style sledding.

(So tired from playing outside in the snow!)

I am praying for ~

* my mother who has a full knee replacement surgery Monday (If you have a chance, would you be so kind as to say a prayer for the success of the surgery and a healthy recovery.)

* the sweet, elderly gentleman I rear ended  (He so reminded me of my own father)

* world peace

* our country

* priests

* all those preparing to receive their Sacraments this spring

What I am listening to ~

* the sound of a vacuum on the kitchen tile.  When little man has "nothing to do" I can easily find a chore for him ;)

Coming down the pike this week ~

* Monday - I need to take my van in for an estimate.
* Tuesday - feast of St. Katharine Drexel (Living Liturgy)
* Wednesday - my 46th birthday (woot!  woot!)
* Thursday - Miss Sally and I are attending a dual credit seminar at the community college.
* Friday - dinner with Fr. Art
* (Next Sunday) - Miss Ester's 14th birthday

A final photo to share ~

I recently ordered this Glory Stories CD to celebrate the upcoming feast days of St. Katharine Drexel (3/30) and St. Joseph (3/19).

Wishing you a safe and warm week ahead!  It's March, it HAS to warm up, right??

P.S.  Barbara, yes!  I feel like we moved back to the Midwest ;)

**Update on my Mom:  the surgery went well.  She will remain in the hospital till Thursday and then head to a rehab facility for further recovery.**

~  Patty  ~


  1. Prayer offered up for your mom -- successful surgery and great recovery.

    We got dumped on again yesterday -- overnight and in the morning, Patty, so much so we waited until 5 pm Mass for the roads to clear a bit. Our suburb does a great job of clearing roads but Columbus is awful. And on weekends -- forget about it! Might as well be in Texas! I'm happier staying home during bad weather. It's certainly not worth getting in an accident, and it really is unavoidable.

  2. Prayers for your mom.
    I'm glad the fender bender was minimal, and people were good all around. Ice is so dangerous. We didn't get any down here, a couple mornings of frost of the windshields. My kids were itching to have a reason to drive north to see snow. My younger set have never seen snow and have no idea, except from Frozen.
    I hope you have a great week!

  3. Prayers for your sweet mother. Patty...
    And prayers of thanksgiving that you and all involved are safe. : )
    Hope your week goes much more smoothly!
    Love your happy, snowy kids!

  4. Praying for your dear Mum. I am glad the accident only damaged the bumper-that's what they are for! Keep safe!

  5. Hi Patty, I'm so sorry about your accident. They can be quite scary. I'm just glad that you are okay. And I'm praying for your mother too! We all are! xoxoxo tara

  6. Clementine must have been worn out! Praying for your mom. Thank goodness the accident wasn't bad & no one was hurt. Our road crews did an awesome job clearing the roads in the Small Town; we had no trouble getting around in the ice & snow...we're expecting a "mini-version" of the same thing in a couple of days!


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