Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Winds of Change

Teenagers are a lot like infants when it comes to schedules and needs.  They change all the time, and once you think you have them figured out, they'll throw you a curve ball.  (At least mine do.)

Our spring break has brought a change.

A girl and her swim team

Miss Sally has been been on a year round swim club for three years now.  She moved up again to another level, and where this is good, it also brought some big schedule changes.

She now swims every weeknight typically from 5:10pm-7:45pm, which doesn't include travel time.  (There goes my precious family dinner time.)

The positive from this, David and I have decided to take advantage of  this and join the fitness club at the same facility.  So for the first time in YEARS, I'm working my gluteus maximus.  (My butt)

Another benefit is that Miss Sally has even more time to dedicate to her school work.

A girl and her saddle (cough...and horse)

So Miss Ester has been saving every red cent she earns for a saddle.  New saddles are $$$.  So when the opportunity to buy a used saddle came up, we told her to give it a test drive.

She did at a recent horse cutting competition.  She was able to saddle up and spend an afternoon in it. Her instructor looked at it and thought she was getting a good deal  ($75).

Her new-to-her horse saddle ::

We jostled and teased her...."Miss E, you have all the gear but no horse!"

The next day was just an ordinary Sunday....8am and donuts in the hall afterward....and then  a generous man gives our daughter a horse.

For reals.

Meet Penny...

Penny is an old, gentle quarter horse, previously used for cutting ::
  1. (A cutting horse is an athletic and willing animal possessing an innate "cow sense" and ability to respond quickly and turn sharply that is trained to keep a cow from returning to the herd. The horses involved are typically American Quarter Horses, although many other stock horse breeds are also used.)

Since she's about 20-22 years old and has been a pasture horse for the past five years (her friends are the cattle on the other side of the fence), we plan to keep her there (with permission from the gentleman) and pay for the upkeep of her care.

Penny is located about 15 miles east of where we live so we will be making weekend visits now.

A girl and her job

While working at the spring break horse camps earlier in the month, Miss Ester established herself enough that she will be working the summer camps as well.

The money she makes will help pay for her horse's upkeep.  It will be a lot of driving for me, but seeing a good work ethic instilled in her at this age is a definite win win.

A girl and boy in archery 

Stan and Miss Mabel had the opportunity to sign up for a 10 class archery class (every other Tuesday).

(This photo was taken on St. Patrick's day.)

*I forgot to take a photo of Stan the man.

So we have another addition to our spring schedule.  I know.  I know.  But! this one is not so bad since we are carpooling with one other family and only have to drive once a month.

Goodness gracious.

With all of these recent changes and adjustments, I've barely found the time to read my Lenten material let alone blogs.  I hope I haven't missed many important announcements, news events, or prayer requests.  With Holy Week almost here, I'm not sure how much I'll be hanging out in the blogosphere once again.

In the mean time, I pray your remaining days of lent are fruitful!

~  Patty ~


  1. That is so very many changes, but some very good things as well. I agree, these phases come and go and we settle into new routines and lifestyles. How fun that you'll get to join the gym and find a way to work that in. Way to take advantage of it while Sally swims. Best of luck keeping everyone's schedules straight and hopefully everyone can ease into the transitions well. They certainly are all very good experiences for all the kids. You're doing well, Patty.

    Blessings on your Holy Week!

  2. It's such a balancing act, isn't it? Trying to let each child become who God wants them to be...develop their talents...all while keeping sanity and family together. I think that Lent is a season where we give to our children and husbands and deny ourselves of pleasures - at least that is what it has been for me. And I'm finally okay with that! I used to get so bummed out that "my plan" for growth during Lent never worked out. Turns out, my plan doesn't matter - He's got a bigger one for me! God bless you throughout your Holy Week!

  3. Oh my goodness, a HORSE!!! I am so happy for E!!!
    As for all the other activities…sorry, for me, a horse takes center stage. ;o)
    I did 4-H through high school and it really did teach me a LOT of responsibility and work ethic. To own a horse is expensive, but it "pays off" in the long run.
    :o) Becky
    PS, the saddle is a beauty!

  4. So exciting about the horse. We are also out of the house most evenings- it has been a tough adjustment, but I like the way you are redeeming that time for yourself. I need to think of ways to make better use of my sit and wait time. :)

  5. I adore the horse posts. Because we don't do that. So I love the peek!

  6. Yes...
    Seasons of life change.
    And change again.
    We just hold on and enjoy the ride.
    I love your family, Patty. : )

  7. What a wonderful gift for your daughter--a horse! It looks like your lent has been fruitful just not in the way you'd intended! I love seeing how independent your children are in their choices. You are a good mama to encourage them to follow their hearts. <3

  8. You must be so proud of your kids, Patty. What great life experiences for them. I'm sure the change in schedule will be a challenge at first, but you'll get in the swing eventually. Looking forward to reading future posts about all of this good stuff!

  9. That is so cool that someone gave Ester the horse! Sounds like your kids are exploring activities and finding what they like!


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