Monday, March 9, 2015

She's 14! A Painter's Theme Daybook Post

Outside my window ~


Which is a heck of a lot better than the ice.

And we do need the rain.

What I am thankful for ~

* This girl (14 years went by too quickly!)

* This priest (who does not mind wearing a play apron and playing wii)

Father is the chaplain at SMU (Southern Methodist University) Catholic Campus Ministry.

From the school room ~

* Spring break!!!!

* Miss Mabel and Stan the Man will begin an archery course this week.

* We are lying low this spring break.  My van is scheduled to be fixed later in the week.  Miss Ester is working at the spring break horse camp.  Maybe we will get some Easter clothes/shoe shopping in.

What I am reading ~

* The Grace of Yes: Eight Virtues for Generous Living

From the kitchen ~

Well shoot!  With my birthday last week and Miss Ester's yesterday, we actually ate out TWICE!

Around the house ~

* Miss Ester had a lovely birthday!!

Our horse lover is also an incredible artist.  She and I perused pinterest and found the cake idea there.

I found the gift wrap, cute painter decorations, paper plates and napkins at Hobby Lobby.  You can also find them on Amazon.

I am praying for ~

* my mom's continued recovery from knee surgery  (Thanks for the prayers!)

* all those who have asked me to pray for them

* our priests

* the safety of Christians all over the world, but especially in the Middle East

What I am listening to ~

* Beauty and the Beast (Miss Clementine is hooked on it ;)

Coming down the pike this week ~

* Sunday - Miss Ester's 14th birthday
* Monday - Friday - Miss Ester will be working at the spring break horse camp
* Monday - Confirmation teacher meeting
* Tuesday - Archery class begins for Miss Mabel & Stan the Man
* Wednesday - Take the van in for repairs

Wishing y'all a GREAT week ahead!

~  Patty  ~


  1. My, what a beautiful young lady she is! I would love to see some of her artwork. I love the cake! I wish my boys could take archery.

    1. Thank you, Phyllis! At the end of the semester, I was going to do a collage of her artwork (and her sister's).

  2. My, what a beautiful young lady she is! I would love to see some of her artwork. I love the cake! I wish my boys could take archery.

  3. Love the cake and the cookie. Happy belated birthday! And in those silly face pics with her dad, they look sooooo much alike.

    1. Thank you, Charlotte! It is fun to hear what others think about regarding whom your children resemble.

  4. I love the pictures of Miss Ester with her daddy. Oh and your Priest who came over for dinner... what a hoot!

  5. Hi there beautiful family! I've been having fun scrolling around to your recent posts and I'm smiling away:) You really are such a great photographer, Patty...BUT having such photogenic faces sure helps out...Fantastic pics of you all! Happy to see the fun birthday events and sending xoxo across the miles!

    1. Thanks, Tiffany! I sure wish we lived closer. Your Miss G is sure missed ;)

  6. Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter!!!
    Everything looks amazing.
    Have a great week, my friend. : )

  7. Your daughter looks gorgeous :)!

    I just wanted to tell you that the flowers right next to your blog title looks truly amazing!

    Have a great week too!

    1. Thank you, Ms Sarah! Those flowers, btw, are Texas Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrushes. (Wasn't sure if you knew the name of them or not ;)

  8. The birthday! The birthday! How awesomely unique for Ester. I love the painter theme. Very neat.

    Your time with Fr. looks like a lot of fun. The things those toddlers can get priests to do/wear.... :) What a great guy!

    Looks like you are busy, busy this spring break. I hope the kids enjoy archery. My kids liked the one afternoon we did it with our homeschool group. Now I haven't been able to find any local classes, but they sure would love 'em.

    Happy Spring!

    1. Thanks, Sarah! She would have had the perfect birthday if her friend, Miss L, from MN was with her. But she was in spirit! First day of archery was rained out. It is rescheduled for St. Patrick's day!

  9. I love that you have a priest friend over to hang out with the family. We have "adopted" a seminarian who is from Alaska and is studying at St. Paul Seminary. It is so good for the children (and us too!) to realize that these are just people like the rest of us, but they are aspiring to something great.

    We are huge fans of cookie cakes - it's making me hungry just looking at it!

    1. I couldn't agree more, Heather. We usually see this priest down at his office. This was the first time in a couple of years he was able to have dinner with us. It's just easier for us to visit him. Regardless, he is so approachable and that is great for all.

  10. Happy birthday to your lovely daughter! Your birthday celebrations are incredible and soooo creative!
    I think it's so wonderful to have priest friends.

    1. Thanks, Mary! She sure had a great day ;)

  11. Awesome looking cake and cookie. Happy birthday to your sweet girl. And what a good sport your priest friend is, apron and all. He looked so happy to be with you all.
    Happy Spring break.

    1. He was so sweet because he was getting over a bad cold. He did not want to cancel because he had to the week before due to our sleet and ice and snow storm.

  12. That's one colorful party! Nice. And you're surrounded by wonderful people as I see it. What a pretty 14, huh?

    Have a fantastic weekend!

    1. Thank you! And thanks for stopping by my neck of the woods ;)

  13. I love the cake and cookie!! They turned out so professional! It looks like a great week. :)


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