Friday, March 27, 2015

In Other News (If you are bored and have the time)


David helped Miss Mabel fill up her garden bed that they built a couple of weeks ago.  She is doing square foot gardening:  peppers, peas, beans, and cucumbers.  

Giddy up...

Miss Mabel and Miss Ester recently competed in their first play day...a friendly competition filled with barrel races, pole weaving races, etc.

They each placed in three events.

Disney on Ice...Frozen

Way back in early February we purchased (home school priced) tickets to see Frozen...Disney on Ice.  It was such a great deal...$16 tickets.  I know!  Right?

I took Miss Clementine, Stan, and Miss Mabel yesterday.  It was a first time for each of them!

We had the chance to meet up with friends.

The pre-entertainment was fun with so many Disney characters out on the ice....but Miss Clementine could have cared less.  She just wanted to see Elsa and Ana. :)

What's for Sunday dinner?

It's Friday afternoon and I have no plan as of yet.  David and Stan the man are on a camp out with Troops of St. George.  When it is just the girls and I, I don't plan much.

Although....dessert has been decided upon ;)

Something fun to bake and make.  I think Miss Clementine will reeeeaaally like decorating these with me ;)

Wishing you a great weekend and a blessed Palm Sunday!

~  Patty  ~


  1. I envy the fact that it is time for gardening where you are. It isn't here. Horse play day sounds fun and the cupcakes are adorable.

  2. I envy the fact that it is time for gardening where you are. It isn't here. Horse play day sounds fun and the cupcakes are adorable.

  3. Ahh...gardening. That looks so wonderfully wonderful right about now. I cannot wait! I so enjoy the horse photos and your kiddos out enjoying life. And Frozen on Ice--how fun!! My girls wouldn't even know the other non-Frozen Disney characters. lol.
    Your edible Easter baskets...brought tears to my eyes. I've been contemplating making these for Easter as well. These are a fond memory of my grandma and she made them each Easter along with other yummy treats. I am finding that I sure do miss her and grandpa this Lenten season as Easter approaches. :(

    1. Sarah, I thought of your girls the entire time we were at Frozen. :)

      And the cupcakes, I know what you mean. my mom made these for my siblings and myself each Easter. Every time I make them, I will always think of my mom :)

  4. OH, that Disney on ice must be amazing! Look at all the Elsa princesses in the audience! :)

    So much fun here!
    Love the gardening...can't wait to see your produce! Love the garden dress on Miss Clementine!

    Those cupcakes looks so fun and pretty! I'm going to try that sunflower-looking cake with peeps around a chocolate cake (petals), and mini chocolate chips in the center (seeds)

    Trying to catch up on my favorite bloggies this took over and I only did Facebook. So sorry. I love your blog and reading here.

  5. What a week. It looks magical but the gardening actually looks the most fun to me. I keep wanting to get started on something like that but having never gardened, I am intimidated.

  6. I'll have to come back to your gardening next spring. With all the yard projects in a new build, I don't think we'll get around to it this year. This is the second "box" that you have, right? You'll have to share your secrets with me. It looks like a great way to garden that doesn't take up a ton of space!

  7. Girls weekend- yay!
    Disney on Ice - what fun.
    And I'm looking forward to see the garden grow. Looks like she's off to a good start.

  8. I love how you find such great deals! Looks like y'all have been usual!


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