Saturday, February 21, 2015

What exactly IS A Baptism Birthday?

On the feast of the Baptism of Our Lord, our priest always reminds the faithful to remember their own baptism day, to honor it, and pray for a continued growth in faith.

I wish more priests would remind the faithful how important our baptism birthdays are...the day our original sin was removed, we became children of God and heirs of heaven.

We have been celebrating our baptism birthdays for years in a quiet yet meaningful way.  We always light their Baptism candle and look at cards and pictures.  While the children are little, we may tell the story of their Baptism day.

"Receive this burning light and safeguard thy baptism by a blameless life. Keep the Commandments of God that when Our Lord shall come to claim His own, thou mayest be worthy to greet Him with all the saints in the heavenly court and live forever and ever. Amen."

We gave our little one a St. Cecelia pillow for her doll (embroidery kit found on Charlotte's etsy shop.)  

We always give a small gift that represent their Catholic faith.

As our children grow, they study their faith from the Baltimore Catechism, and this includes a study of the Sacrament of Baptism each year in our home school.

 (Miss Clementine on her Baptism day, February 18, 2012.)

We will continue to keep this a memorable day for each of member of our family.  

Other ideas for baptism birthdays may include:

1. Go to Mass that day.
2.  Read or talk about the saint's feast day on which your child was baptized.
3. Make a white cake.
4. Try to include the godparents (if possible.)
5.  Pray for the godparents.

~  Patty  ~


  1. This is a beautiful tradition. I think your blog is the first time I've ever read about celebrating the Baptism day. Your ideas to make it extra special are so sweet, simple but meaningful.
    Happy Baptism Day to your baby girl!

  2. Happy belated Baptism Day to Miss Clementine! What a wonderful tradition. We try to at least remember their day and celebrate in some small way. Sadly, Margaret's baptism day was just on Thursday and only got mentioned in passing due to getting over the sickies at our house. :(

  3. We celebrate baptismal days too. Usually, they pick a dessert, we light their candle and say the prayers for renewal that came with one (one out of 7...and my first kid... How crazy is that?) of the candles. Simple yet they all look forward to it. I'll admit there were a couple times last year that we missed someone mostly due to crazy schedules. I resolve not to miss any this year! ;)

  4. Clementine's baptism dress is so beautiful! Thanks for the good ideas and inspiration.

  5. Love this.. yet to do it.. but it's never too late, right?

  6. I'd love to start this "tradition" too. Thankyou for sharing the lovely photos and celebration ideas. What a beautiful picture of Miss Clementine in her gown. I always cry at baptisms when the priest says "I claim you for Christ!" That is such a powerful statement.


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