Monday, February 16, 2015

St. Valentine's Daybook Post

Outside my window ~

A cloudy and chilly Monday.  What a contrast against the daffodils and budding trees that we saw last week!

For reals.

Stan found this Texas-sized earthworm last Monday at horse lessons.

What I am thankful for ~

* love

* God

* the gifts of faith and hope in this insane world

From the school room ~

* Quarter finals in Vocab for Ester, Mabel, and Stan have been taken.  They will keep moving ahead and finish those subjects up early in the fourth quarter as well.

* Miss Mabel finished up with her Science (Apologia's Zoology 3, Land Animals of the Sixth Day) and will start health a few weeks early, hoping to finish early in the fourth quarter.

* Stan the man successfully wrote his third quarter book report and his third quarter English essay.

* Stan the man also finished his third quarter Phonics test.  He will start his fourth quarter Phonics and finish that up early as well.

* Last minute Valentine's for Ester and Mabel's Little Flowers/Little Women group...

(Thank you, Pinterest!)

From the kitchen ~

Poor David.  One of the kids beat him to the left overs...

What we have read ~

In honor of St. Valentine's Day...

Around the house ~

After the swim meet....after 5pm Mass....after a dinner out...we had some St. Valentine snacks at home ;)

(FREE printable labels found on Pinterest attached to bags of Hershey's Hugs and Kisses chocolates.)

I am thinking about ~

Ash Wednesday.

I am such a wimp.  I moan and complain at breakfast thinking about the fasting that is to take place for the day.

I WILL do better this Ash Wednesday!

I am praying for ~

a fruitful, Lenten journey.

What I am listening to ~

Miss Mabel and Clementine playing "horsey" upstairs.  (Mabel is the horse ;)

Coming down the pike this week ~

* Monday - horse lessons
* Tuesday - contact fitting appointment for Miss Sally
* Tuesday - Moms' Night Out for our home school group (woot!  woot!)
* Wednesday - Ash Wednesday Mass
* Wednesday - Kids' dental appointments
* Wednesday - Miss Clementine's baptism birthday
* Friday - Stations of the Cross and K of C fish fry afterward
* Friday - Sunday - Troops of St. George camp out for David and Stan

A final photo to share ~

Actually 2, because this is totally cool!

David found these beautiful antlers in the woods while pig hunting.  (Sadly, he thinks the deer may have been poached because no other remains where found.)  

(Miss Ester was gluing the teeth in.)  

Wishing you a healthy week and a blessed start to your Lenten journey!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Going to show those last two to my men, Patty!
    And the fasting?!?!?
    Yes! I'm not the only one!!!
    Most days I go without eating I between meals anyway...
    Just because I'm busy or whatever.
    But the thought of having to do it?!?
    I get all freaked out!!! Like I have to plan my meals and how far apart I space them!
    Anyway, I'll be thinking of you... : )
    Hugs from Frigid Pa!!!!
    -24 Actual Temp today!!!!

  2. I love all the Valentines lovelies. I have to get on Pinterest someday. I'm craft challenged.
    A hobby taxidermist- that's so cool.
    The leftovers- haha - we have those struggles.
    I love Lenten fish frys! We usually tour around our diocese with a couple other friends and visit as many as we can during Lent.

  3. They sure are happy with their valentine cookies! have a wonderful start to your lent!

  4. Hi Patty! Well your house is hoppin' as always! What fun Valentine's Day decor and treats for the kids. I do like Pinterest, what did we do for ideas before that? Lol!
    That worm is HUGE! Just the thing to capture the attention of your boy :)
    Blessings on this Ash Wednesday,


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