Monday, February 23, 2015

Icy Wonderland!

I can't see!

My big sisters' bedroom window is no better.

Big sisters' closet window has a better view.

I spot ice and sleet on everything!

Oh!  The poor buds on the maple tree.  

Mom said that the white stuff on the roof tops and ground is frozen rain, not snow! 

My brother and sisters hurried to get their morning work done so we could go out in the snow  sleet.

See my pink snow pants?  My mom bought them last year on clearance...this is the first time I get to try them out!  

My sisters put me on a plastic lid (to a bin) and took me sledding down the driveway.

I LOVED being outside in this cold weather!

My sister Ester made her hat.  It kept her nice and warm today!

Since we do not have any salt trucks, we have to now wait for Mother Nature to warm up for the ice to melt.  At least our power is still on! 




  1. It looks beautiful. I bet they had fun. Stay warm!

  2. Looks like you moved to Ohio. :-)

    PS Yay for power!

  3. I'm sure they had fun but I'm glad I am further south and won't have to deal with this.

  4. Looks like a welcomed surprise....for the kids at least!
    Great hat on Ester. What a talented young lady.
    Stay safe down there.

  5. Hi sweetie!!!
    Tell Mommy to bring you up here and you can play in the snow with Flynn everyday!!!!!

  6. HI Clementine! I found out about your ice storms on the national news. Yikes! But you make it all look so fun (good thing you don't have to drive in it!). I remember driving across Texas to get to Arizona from Illinois. I drove into an ice storm then too. The highway was a sheet of ice, trucks and cars just sliding all over.
    My friend and I had to carefully pull off the highway and stay at a hotel overnight. Intense!!
    Enjoy your driveway now, and tell you sister her hat is really cute!

  7. Glad y'all didn't lose power! I have a friend whose daughter (5 years old) looked out and said that Elsa (Frozen) had been there! It certainly looked like it!

  8. OH, Clementine, you are so sweet!!
    Enjoy that cold white stuff!
    My kids are actually really excited to go home to SNOW....(not me though)
    Kids make snow bearable.

    They actually make it kind of fun.

    I'm sorry I have not kept up on my blogs while here...there has been so much to do, it's been hard. I see you on Facebook and get distracted and never check over here.

    Love to you.

    You all stay safe in that ice!

  9. Patty, I had the chance today to visit your blog. I love your ice photos and I love your family pics. They make me smile. Your blog is so wonderful, what a great job you are doing! It covers all the bases. BRAVO! I just signed up for email notification because I don't want to miss a post!

  10. Clementine, you looked so pretty in those pink pants and what fun you had with your siblings! So glad you had a great day in the icy weather!

  11. WOW, now that is an icy adventure! Those windows are unreal! Are you thawed out by now? (We finally made it home last night, just now getting back to the "real" world…) :o) Becky

  12. First of all your windows are huge and awesome and beautiful! And the ice is too! I'm so glad that you got a play in the ice day!

  13. Fun! What a treat for you guys! (We are a bit ready for spring here.) And oh, the poor maple. Glad you enjoyed your winter wonderland!


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