Sunday, February 22, 2015

Ice-Meggedon - Daybook Post

Outside my window ~

Rain all day today (Sunday).

Howling wind.

Icy bushes and trees.

It's "suppose" to get bad in the middle of the night tonight through Monday night.  (All of North Texas school districts have pretty much canceled school for Monday.)

Jim Cantore (from the weather channel)  is in town so they seem pretty serious about this ice storm.  (He cracks me up!)

At 4:15am the sleet came.  It was a driving sleet that sounded horrible.  After 15 minutes, it turned into a freezing rain and has been falling for the past 3 hours.

Everything is closed.  We will remain homebound until Mother Nature warms up.  The southern cities have no ice trucks or snow removal trucks down here (except for the freeways.)

I have lived through my share of blizzards and ice storms, and I tell you, I'd take a blizzard in the Midwest over an ice (or snow) storm in the south any day.

What I am thankful for ~

* heat & shelter

* a quiet Monday ahead, (All school districts are canceled as are all homeschool co-ops and horse lessons.)

* the Rosary

From the school room ~

* a very, very small glimpse into a morning in our homeschool routine.  (No two mornings seem to be the same ;)

David gets little man up by 7:30am.  He has Little Man do some calisthenics, gives him a hearty breakfast, and then after getting ready for the day, (Little Man makes his bed, gets dressed, and brushes his teeth), he begins his school work at his desk by 8am.

Don't laugh to loud on the calisthenics bit.  Seriously, boys need to work out all that stored up energy!

Around 8:15am, I am coming to the aid of Little Miss who seems to have lost a shoe (or two.)

We better darn well find that missing "ballerina shoe" (the one with the pink bow), because those are her faves and she wears them every. single. day.

8:30am.  Okay.  These pics are from a Tuesday which explains the late breakfast for my sophomore.  Tuesday is the only day of the week she can actually sleep in.

8:45 am.  I'm on the hunt for that missing shoe.  I stop to show you that sometimes pajamas are our school uniform ;)

I found the missing shoe right after this shot.  Whew.

9:00am.  One last breakfast to serve.  Normally, I shut down breakfast by 8:30, but every now and then life happens.

This one has been quietly studying on the couch upstairs.  I love it!  In sixth grade, and for the most part, is a self taught student.  I review with her and correct most of her work, but that's it.

Working with the kids, checking the work they turn in, I walk around to find out what happened to Miss Clementine.

There she is!

She is on her sister's Fire while her sister is finishing reading a book for her 3rd quarter book report.

The kids divide up their subjects doing half of them in the morning and half in the afternoon.


I have a weekly chart on the fridge.  They each have their chores to do.  They have all week to get their chores done, as long as they are done by the end of the week.  Typically, they do a little here and  a little there throughout the week.

My kids are seriously  amazing helpers around the house and will be able to run a household with ease when they are older.

From the kitchen ~

Miss Clementine helping her big sister clean the stainless steel appliances in the kitchen.  (Miss Mabel does this once a week for the month she will switch off with someone else next month.)

What I am reading ~

Actually, I have a whole boatload of Lenten devotionals coming in my email each morning.

Around the house ~

Tomorrow I look forward to an entire day of uninterrupted schooling.  No swim.  No co-op.  No horse lessons.  Just schooling.

(Praying that our power doesn't go out in the middle of any ice storm that they are predicting.)

I am praying for ~

* the Christians being martyred by Muslims in Africa and the Middle East

* world peace

* priests

* those who have left the Catholic church

* those who are luke warm in practicing their faith

What I am listening to ~

The wind.  It sounds very cold.

My furnace is running quite frequently.

All of my children are snug in their beds.  (It's a late Sunday evening as I type.)

Coming down the pike this week ~

Sunday - parent meeting for mission trip
Friday - a priest/friend is coming for dinner
Saturday - Dallas Mavericks basketball game for high school youth group

A final photo to share ~

When technology is super cool...

My sophomore on the phone with Seton's Math Department discussing a very difficult Geometry math problem on a test she encountered.

As the Math teacher is talking to her, she is logged onto the virtual dry erase board to see the Math teacher help her work out a similar problem.

Have a warm and safe week!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Your day looks a lot more peaceful than mine -- and I have one student, who pretty much acts like she can't do anything for herself. I love the white board on the computer. That is cool. Just yesterday I was thinking we need an online Catholic homeschool -- lectures and all.

    Good luck with your ice storm. Our kids had two snow days last week and with President's Day that means they went to school for two days. This morning it's 4 degrees, and with the wind chill factor probably -11, but they've had so many snow days since Christmas, I think it's gonna be a cold day you-know-where before they get any more. My high schooler drives so I only worry when there's snow. Lately it's been "too cold to wait at the bus stop" days.

  2. I love the day in the life! I always enjoy seeing how others do what they do. I'm pretty sure no one would like to see the same of life here. It's pretty boring. Or maybe it's just a little two crazy that no one would believe it. lol.
    I hope the ice storm isn't too bad and you stay up and running with your power. Stay cozy and enjoy the day at home today.

    Have a great week!

  3. I love it!!!!
    I love sharing your morning, Patty.
    Makes me feel as if we are chatting on the phone as you go through your day. : )
    Hope and pray the ice isn't horrible, and you all stay safe and warm.
    And cozy.
    Ahhh...the stainless steel appliance cleaning. Penance, I tell you.
    Oh, and love your jammies!
    And the last photo? Reminds me of our cyber school.
    Thank Heavens for that!
    Hugs from freezing but sunny Pa!

  4. Now that it's Monday, I hope your family is doing ok! I am stuck in Miami for a day since our connecting flight in Dallas today was canceled--rebooked on a flight tomorrow thru Phoenix now. What a doozy of a storm! My second thought after hearing our flight was cancelled was, "Patty will be having an adventure!". (my first thought was "oh no, another day without my kids, I miss them!). Anyway, off to go explore Miami. Thinking of you!! --Becky

    1. Becky, that is so funny! I thought of you last evening when my husband made sure we had gas for the generator. ( I was thinking of your husband purchasing one after your last power outage.)

      I hope you had fun exploring Miami!!

  5. You in your jammies... awesome! The cuddle on the bed with Stan the man... way cool! And thank God for that technology, right? Math in Sophomore year... way too hard!

  6. I am so relieved to see you in your pyjamas at 8.45am! I thought I was the only one who did this! Thanks for sharing the glimpse of your learning time. Could you share your chore chart and rotation in a little more detail please? This is an ongoing difficult area for me and my children.

    1. I will try to share with what happens to work for my gang.


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