Friday, January 23, 2015

What's for Sunday Dinner?

We are super thrilled that Grammy will flying in tomorrow and staying for one, wonderful week!  The kids and I plan to get as much Grammy love in as possible.

To kick the week off properly, I put  Lasagna Roll Ups, (recipe here), on the menu with some salad and garlic bread.  Mmm...mmm.

Dessert is in honor of Miss Clementine's birthday.  (Where in the world has the time gone??)

Her birthday is not until Monday, but with David's busy schedule, we decided to have her "tea party" themed birthday cake on Sunday ;)

The girl is all about tea parties these days.

I'm excited to see how her special cake turns out.  The bakery we've used in the past has always done such gorgeous work.

Childhood story...

Being one of nine kids, we rarely went out for dinner and had one, BIG birthday party with our classmates (in the first grade).  My mom, however, always ordered a beautiful cake from a friend of hers who ran a cake decorating business out of her home.  I have the fondest memories of waiting for my dad to bring home the cake box, watching as Mom opened it up, and seeing what beautiful magic Miss Martha created for me (and each of my siblings).  The one I particularly recall (I think I was 3 years old) was a Raggedy Ann doll cake.  Oh!  It was too beautiful to eat!  Such fond memories :)

I can hardly wait to share her birthday photos here!

Have a wonderful weekend!

~  Patty  ~


  1. EEeek! Grandma's coming!
    Oh, Patty. Enjoy!!!!
    And enjoy the birthday happiness. : )

  2. Hi Patty! Happy birthday Miss Clementine! And welcome to sunny Texas Grammy :)
    It sure sounds like your house is filled with joy. What a wonderful time for your family. I remember just loving tea parties too. I had three sisters, and we would drink water from the tea pot in our little cups all day. We were well hydrated! And sometimes my Mom would let us serve graham crackers with the 'tea'. Heaven!
    Can't wait to see your photos too. Enjoy the prep time, and awaiting the fun cake :)

  3. I loved reading your cake memory!

    Can't believe your little sweetie will be 3!!!!
    That lasagna roll up recipe looks like a really fun Friday meal!!

    You make it look so easy!
    Can't wait to see the pictures of the big party!!

    My mom has a cartoon/joke on her fridge, it's something about things being "grandma clean" or just "clean"....

  4. I love the cake memory. I really want to try those roll ups sometime soon. Thanks!

  5. Happy, happy, happy birthday Clementine! Oh a tea party sounds like a lot of fun! I will ask Elizabeth to raise a glass…err tea cup in Clementine's honor on Sunday to celebrate her birthday. Such preciousness, I can't stand it…toddlers are so much (sniff, sniff…even if they seem to be getting so big every day that goes by).

    And I was planning on making 4 pans of lasagna on Sunday to freeze as we have some new moms in the area and I am going to drop them off next week, but I might just make one of them be the lasagna roll-ups. Sometime new for us to try. Thanks for the recipe.

    1. Ha, I didn't finish my sentence…I meant "toddlers are so much FUN…(sniff, sniff…)

  6. Grammy's coming! Grammy's coming!! Enjoy every moment with her and I fully expect wonderful photos for us creepers :) Miss's birthday season for us again. Where are the months/years going??!! I bet her birthday will be wonderful. I cannot wait to see the cake. I'm still trying to orchestrate my girls' birthdays since everyone we invite seems to be super busy in early February. And we don't even invite that many people! ha. It will be simple and probably Frozen related.

    Happy Weekend!

  7. Yay!! It sounds like such special times when Grammy comes. Enjoy your time with her.
    Happy Birthday to sweet Clementine. Can't wait to see those pictures. (and try that recipe....yum!)

  8. My mom used to bake cakes for people & I remember her making a raggedy ann cake. We were only allowed 1 party growing up.
    I can't believe it's Clementine's birthday again! Have fun with your mom!!! :)

  9. Have a precious visit!! This is one of our family favorites too! :)

  10. Oh my. I saw the photo of this cheesy goodness and my eyes popped out. :P
    Happy birthday to your dearie.

  11. My baby girl's first birthday cake was a Raggedy Ann. Mama always made a special cake for the grandkids each year. It was fun and so sad when she could no longer do it. Enjoy


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