Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Medical Updates (Scoliosis & Vision)

Scoliosis Update

Days before Christmas, my dear daughter had another scoliosis check.  (I cannot believe four months went so quickly after her previous check up!)

The brace continues to do its job.  It is really fantastic how well it is doing.  So after one year of nightly wear, we can say with certainty that she will not need back surgery!

As for how much longer she will need to wear it?  We will have a better idea when she goes back in May.  She is a trooper, because having to wear that tight contraption every single night is a pain in the bum!

What happens at the check ups?  Well,  they take an X-ray of her spine.  They measure the curves to determine how well things are looking.  Next, they take her heat chip out of the brace and run it through a machine to make sure she is wearing at least 8 hours a night.  (And she is ;)  They do a visual check of her back, and then usually the brace needs some adjustments since dear daughter continues to grow.

Every four months it is a four hour visit with stops in three departments, but it is worth it in the long run if it prevents surgery.

Vision Update

Last Friday, Miss Sally had her vision check up at the specialist.  Everything is stable, and we are moving on with life.

Her eyes (inside and out) look quite healthy.  The optic nerves are beautiful.  The holes remain open.  The optometrist and ophthalmologist have agreed on almost everything except the cause.  Where the optometrist believes that something had to trigger this acute angle closure attack, (our daughter does not have glaucoma and since she is only 15, this is pretty rare), the blood work all came back normal. The ophthalmologist believes that our daughter was just predisposed for this to happen.

We are okay with the "predisposed" answer.  Seriously.  One could drive themselves crazy trying to find an answer that may not exist.

As the body always tries to heal itself, including trying to heal shut unnatural holes in the eyes, she will need to have her holes checked every six months for now.  We are okay with that.

At the same time, we pray that she never has to go through that painful eye surgery every again!

She still is in bifocals.  The specialist did not want to change her Rx since she can see just fine with them.  We weren't told that she will get out of bifocals.   He did okay her for contact wear stating that the contacts will not cause medical injury to the holes just above the irises.

She was delighted to hear that!  (Dryland exercises are very difficult to do with glasses on one's face!)

When we asked how the open holes present themselves we were told the following:

A special light is shone through the pupils and onto the retina.  That light is then bounced back through the pupils and the holes...they literally beam with light ;)


God-willing, we will have no unforeseen doctor appointments or emergency room visits for a very long time, if  ever!

As always, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the prayers you poured out in these situations!!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Sounds like good news all around!

  2. Happy to read the good reports! I'll be keeping up the prayers though because I just love your family :)

  3. I'm so glad both girls are doing well. I'm sure you are greatly relieved. I bet if someone had told you, five years ago, that you'd be dealing with these two particular issues, you'd have been in disbelief. But, isn't that always the way life is -- throwing us problems we never saw coming?

  4. So glad it is all working out...

  5. Glad you got good news! A friend of mine has a daughter who had scoliosis surgery earlier this school year...so glad she (and all of you!) don't have to go through that!

  6. It is great to hear that both situations are going well (considering!). Praying for continued healing!!

  7. So good to hear an update! Such a relief to be over isn't it?

    (I am woman hear me roar moment!)

    Continued love and prayers....and (((hugs))))


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