Friday, January 2, 2015

Master Bath Completed

I realized recently that I never got around to putting up the photos from our completed master bath remodel.  We are beyond thrilled with how the project turned out!  Here it is...

Before ~

(Mirror reflection of old shower)

After ~

A door-less, walk-in shower

Before ~

After ~

David's custom-built, floating vanity and mirror

Details on tile, stool, and cultured marble can be found here.

Details on blue wall color, glass curtain, wall tile, and chrome accessories can be found here.

Details on plumbing fixtures and sink can be found here.

Details on David's vanity and light fixtures can be found here.

Custom roll out drawers can be found here.

Mirror and door trim was custom built by David as well.

~ This has been a haven for us!  We love it and are extremely please with the classic clean lines in the design.  I have found that cleaning is a breeze as well.  Looking forward to enjoying it for a very long time!

~  Patty  ~


  1. It looks fabulous. Well worth the wait.
    I know, I know. Easy for me to say.

  2. That looks fantastic-like a posh hotel!
    Enjoy using it.

  3. I am still amazed at how awesome that bathroom is. Well done! Keep enjoying your beautiful haven.

  4. Wow! Great job! It is a sophisticated new look. I love the tile strip upper border and that color blue is perfect! Exciting!

  5. It's really gorgeous. If I send a plane ticket, will your handy husband come and help mine make one for us? ;-)

  6. I bet you were really happy to type that post title "master bathroom completed! It's slick baby! And my oh my that sink and shower. Awesome job!

  7. It seriously looks like it came from a magazine! I love all the little details too!


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