Friday, January 30, 2015

It's a Tea Party!

I cannot believe little miss is 3!!

A tea pot cake for a tea party-lovin' girl.

She kept talking about how much she wanted pink snow for her birthday, so her big sisters cut out pink snowflakes,  and I hung them for her to find in the morning.

She had a super sweet day!

Gosh! Have the past three years just flown by.  We love her so much and are so grateful that she is in our lives!

~  Patty  ~


  1. What a beautiful party and oh my goodness that cake is ADORABLE!!! So, so, so, sweet, just like her. The pink snowflakes…what a special touch and that they were made by her older sisters, pure joy and love. Thank you for sharing the pictures with us!

    P.S. Those cowgirl boots are rocking! ;)

  2. Soooo cute! That cake was fabulous! How could you bring yourself to cut it? And I agree with Joy--she really rocked those cowboy boots!

  3. I've been eagerly awaiting photos of the big THREE birthday. I knew you were gonna rock it and you didn't disappoint! The cake, how sweet and it looks like Miss C adored it. I would've had a hard time cutting into that and eating it, just so pretty. I am marveling at how you can pull a theme together with napkins and wrapping as well. I don't even think that far. I find myself getting less creative as the years go by. ha!
    What a thoughtful way for your girls to surprise their little sister with the pink snowflakes. So sweet!
    I've got Olaf cupcakes (not too impressive since I'm technically'cheating' and taking the easy road) set for Monday for M and then a Frozen cake for both girls when we celebrate with some of our family next weekend.
    Enjoy THREE with Miss C. I think it may have been one of my favorite years with G so far. Of course, this season around those toddler ages are pretty fun :)

  4. Little girl birthdays are just so fun! And tea parties are always fun!

  5. That is the sweetest birthday ever! Hope she had a wonderful day. The cake turned out absolutely darling

  6. That cake is just amazing! Looks like she had a day she'll remember forever!

  7. Oh Patty!
    She is precious!!!!
    And her birthday?!?
    Happy Birthday to your baby.

  8. Happy Birthday, angel!! I absolutely love the cake and theme. You know how much we love tea!

  9. So much cuteness all in one place!! Happy Birthday to your precious baby!

  10. How precious- all pink! You are so creative and so are your girls. That cake is incredible! Happy birthday to your big little one!

  11. Now I see her face!! I should have read this post first. What a honey. Looks like she had a ball. Happy Birthday to her!


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