Friday, December 19, 2014

Worst Advent Ever - Daybook Post

Outside my window ~

45 degrees and light rain.   (Kind of reflects my mood.)

I am thankful for ~

* That Confirmation class is done for a few weeks!  Thank you, Jesus!!!

(Half of the kids in this class are absolutely horrible, disrespectful, disobedient, just...just nightmares.  It takes every.  ounce.  of my being to keep them in control AND teach something.)

* Speech therapist that come to the house


* Speech therapy is finally over (after 3x's a week for six months.) It really took a chunk out of my time.

* The extremely rare moments I have to myself these days, (the bathroom...ummm...the bathroom?...yeah, pretty much when I use the bathroom.)

From the school room~

* Edgar Allen Poe was on opium when he wrote his poems (historians believe).

* I'm has to be on "something" to decipher some poetry??  Just sayin'.

* Helping Sally catch up with the last of her school work, I have gone back over the last two weeks of material with her.   

* The other kids, (bored after one week off and not wanting to get behind when Grammy comes in January for a week), have agreed to get in another week's worth of school.

* Note to self:  We do not need 4 weeks off for Christmas break next year.

* High school youth group Christmas party...white elephant game...check out what these two got!

She's been wanting a pet!

Readers, meet Mikey.  Mikey, readers.  

Mikey is named after their St. Michael's youth group ;)

Mikey even came with the tank, plant, and fish food!

Have I ever mentioned she is an Avengers' fan?

From the kitchen ~

For the first time in 20 years, I have not baked any Christmas cookies.   I cannot believe it.  I have had NO time at all.  Zero.


Childhood story:  (If you have a moment ;)

We were the youngest family on our block when I was a little one.  During the early December days, after mom sent the kids to school, she would bake glorious magic in the shapes and smells of every decadent Christmas cookie imaginable.  I remember arriving home from school to see the wonderment of the day spread out on the counters waiting to be packed away.

They were  kept safely frozen in big containers out of the reach of little hands and mouths.  (Although, I remember sneaking down there to snag a cookie or two, thawing it in the palm of my hand till I could sink my teeth into them ;)

The big delivery day would arrive.  All the cookies would be beautifully displayed on special Christmas trays, then wrapped lovingly with syran wrap, topped with the perfect bow.  She would line us up like little soldiers, all bundled up for the snow and cold, and send us out to carefully deliver the cookies to all of the elderly neighbors.  "Your mother's cookies are so delicious!  Thank her for us.  Merry Christmas!"

The happiness these cookie missions brought really resonated with me.  This year is my 20th year as a married woman at Christmas time.  I have been delivering cookies, albeit not as grand as Mom's, to friends at work, at church, in the neighborhood, since I was first married.  Except this year.

There will no delivered Christmas cookies.  With all of the stress and health issues from the past month, I am stretched super thin.  And you know what?  It will be okay.  I know that.  Christmas will still come.


He bakes!

He suggested we make our own bread.  (Dude, I don't have anymore time on my hands.) So, he and Miss Mabel took to the task.

This was actually the second batch.  (We wolfed down the first one at one setting!)

This one insisted on using the left over Christmas plates and napkins from the Confirmation class Christmas party I had to throw this past Wednesday.

(I love little girls in nightgowns!)

What I am reading ~

Well not what I had planned.  That's for sure.

I have tried to read Christmas books to the younger ones on feast days or randomly at bedtime, but not nearly enough.

The Lord knows what I need, and he has provided.  This is where I must point you in Nancy's direction.

I am thoroughly enjoying all of Nancy's spiritual posts on Christmas here and over here!  She has been a source of great spiritual food.  I've been too tired or run down to open my book.  When I quick click on her blogs (she has two), I feel like she is my mother, making dinner for my very hungry tummy!

Around my house ~

* A terrible, nasty, cold virus.  My gosh, it hit all of us over the course of 12 days.   I felt like we were  just recovering from Miss Sally's eye emergency when this virus struck.  Cruel joke.

Although my virus is gone, I feel like....10 miles of bad road...emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

* Moments that bring a smile to my face...

Stay.  Stay.

I am thinking about ~

Riding Old Man Time's back.  What the hell??  Can someone tell him to slow down already?

Miss Sally's LAST test.  (Poetry...30% of her English grade this quarter.)

Keeping track of gifts....I didn't make any secrets lists this year....(that won't happen again!)

Coming down the pike this week ~

* Survival

* Sunday is my goal to really start my own spiritual Advent.  (Not joking.)

A final photo to share ~


A traditional, Mexican Christmas cookie.  One of my superiors at church, Sr. Yolanda, gave these to all of the catechism teachers.

Aren't they beautiful?


Advent blessings to each of you!  No matter what worries or stress may be living in your home or heart, the birth of Christ will still be celebrated.  Know that He loves you in whatever state of preparedness you are in!

~  Patty  ~


  1. My mother always says Christmas will come, whether we are ready or not.
    Cookies or no cookies, your Christmas shall be blessed and festive, I'm sure.
    You have had quite a few other things keeping you busy lately, my friend.
    Wishing you were next door. There would be platters of cookies coming your way. : )
    Oh, and I loved you touching memory.
    Thanks for sharing! : )

  2. Wishing you a peaceful Christmas in however quantities it comes. It is a sad state on the faithful with how their children are allowed to behave in CCD. You are reaching many despite the bad attitudes!

  3. Oh Patty, I am sorry to hear things have been so hectic and rough. Ugh…but here's hoping and praying that your Advent does a 180 degree turnaround and you are blessed with lots of peace and CALM! Love the pictures of your kids!

  4. My goodness, thank you! To be a source of spiritual food, like a mother making dinner for your hungry tummy, is THE best compliment I could have. I've always felt kind of bad about not being a good cook. Especially at Christmas, I've wanted to provide treats for my family.... who are always all smiles as they thank me profusely for NOT BAKING! (my kids have memories of brown edged stars and broken balloon-headed Santas and a crying Mommy with flour in her hair). A few years ago, someone told me "but you 'feed' in other ways - in emotional and spiritual ways." Oh how I needed to hear that... and today (God knew it!) I needed to hear it again! So thank you..

    And I hope your Christmas is truly beautiful.

    Oh, and I LOVE Mikey. One of my sons had a fish like that... a "Beta???" They are so graceful to watch!

  5. I wish I was sitting with you in your home, coffee in hand, and having this conversation non-post written. In it I would've nodded my head, agreed, and been grateful that someone else was honest that things just kinda suck right now. Yup, I said that.
    While my Advent did not turn out nearly as rough as yours, with just a few days to go I am trying to make the best of the rest. All of my kids had the crap cold virus for two weeks and it nearly sucked the life out of me and my joy and my peace and my sanity. I am sitting here realizing that we did do many little things this Advent and there were moments of perfect Advent. I've got to take those as 'wins' and move on. I am also sitting here debating whether to face two more days of school next week or throw the towel in, let the kids laze around, while I actually sit down and relax. Right now a form of burnout seems to be right around the next corner and I've got to find a way to get out of this rut.
    My plan for the next few days will include baking with my husband, baking with a couple of my family members in honor of my grandma, watching some Christmas movies, helping decorate at our church, planning menus for the holiday, and trying to capture the peace of the season. Sprinkle in there thoughts of the new year and new goals and some new changes. While I'm doing that, I'm going to remember my sweet friend Patty and send you the love and prayers I wish that I could deliver in person.
    May these days ahead find a way to end the worst Advent by giving you the best Advent closing. May the Christmas season be a time of rejuvenation and blessing for you, sweet friend. {{hugs}}

  6. Ugh, I didn't realize you were all sick!! Sorry to hear that and glad you are feeling better. Don't worry about the Christmas cookies. Know what kind we made? The ones that are pre made frozen shapes. Out of the freezer and into the oven and then the kids decorated. Easy and almost no guilt ;) I like your solution for "we" should make our own bread! ;) LOL! Advent blessings to you my friend. Wish we could get together for lunch. Preferably at the beach with an umbrella drink!

  7. Do you know how much I loved this post... not that you're all sick... not happy that you're all sick. Or stress.... that's the worst too. But the advent part. This year it all fell apart for me too. But it's going to be the best last weekend of advent before Christmas for us... I know it will!

  8. Oh my goodness. Is it wrong that I was laughing at so much of this post? Not that I am at all laughing at the stress you've got going on there, but you're just a really great writer. That part about having to be on "something" to decipher poetry? Hilarious.
    Nancy is the best...such a peace I get from her blog posts.
    We love Avengers too, but now we're on a Jurassic Park kick.
    I hope you continue to all get better so you can enjoy Christmas. I have a feeling you will.
    Blessings to you all.

  9. I am sorry that you are having a difficult advent. You have had enough on your shoulders as of late! You and your family are always in our prayers. Hugs and love from all of us. I hope your Christmas is full of wonder. I love your pictures!

  10. I know that this has been a tough month, but I love how you share the beauty of your family through your words and pictures. I feel like we completely missed advent here too- no baking, books, or much else. I especially regret it as our youngest is 11- I feel like he got cheated. That said, I can hold out hope for celebrating the Christmas season. Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family!!!


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