Saturday, December 13, 2014

Luces de Navidad

Christmas lights.

In honor of the feast of St. Lucy (Lucy means light, and St. Lucy is the patron saint of sight), we headed out on this evening to view the Christmas lights.

Such a fun tradition!!

The boys?  They are setting their sights on a beautiful meteor shower tonight at their Troops of St. George camp out.

St. Lucy is the light bearer who guides us through the winter nights of Advent.

(A couple of our Norwegian books we like to read on this day.)

Quoting a friend, "This week is the feast of all feasts for Catholics!"  What a great week of feast days it has been!

St. Lucy, pray for us!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Love it!! What a great idea. Love all those happy faces, too.

  2. Hi Patty! My whole family celebrates St. Lucy's's the day my mom was called to heaven four years ago. I always hope that between my mom and St. Lucy, we'll all find our way in the darkness to his own wonderful light.
    Advent blessings!

  3. What a perfect time to go out looking at lights!!!!!

  4. That last book looks sooooo sweet!

  5. A wonderful feast of light to take in the lights with all those beautiful eyes :) In honor of St. Lucy, Saturday night was our first night we turned on our outdoor Christmas lights. We've usually waited into Advent a couple weeks and turn them on on a Sunday, but I think we'll need to make this a new tradition and honor St. Lucy.

  6. Oh so fun Patty! We also went out and saw lights (thanks to Jen Dunlap's suggestion several years ago :) ) on St. Lucy's feast day! Cut pic of you ladies! I love the St. Lucia book too that we read for the first time this year! Blessed feast DAYS to you! :)


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