Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Horse Lovers and A City Slicker

In hopes of attempting a laid back group snapshot for Christmas cards, I took all the kids to the stables when I dropped Miss Ester and her padawan Mabel off.

So how'd that work out for me?  Well, let's just say, thank God for digital photography.

One of two photos that ended up being acceptable.

I thought I'd give you a view of one of the pastures that is home to some beautiful animals.  (The horses, not my kids ;)

So these photos you see?  They are real north Texas country photos, and my kids are country kids at heart.  They want to live in the country so bad, but land is $$$ in our neck of the woods.

Myself?  I'm a total city slicker.  Totally.  I was standing behind the camera in my black velour pants and hot pink velour jacket with flip flops.  Total city slicker.  

But it takes all kinds to make the world go 'round, right? 

~  Patty  ~


  1. Beautiful photos. I am a country girl as I grew up in an area where we couldn't see a single neighbor. I now live in a town with houses just 10 feet from each other. I have never really adjusted. My husband grew up the suburbs of San Francisco and so this town we are in doesn't have enough action for him. We have compromised.
    I love the Christmas card photo.

    1. My husband would understand where you are coming from, Phyllis. He grew up in the country on three acres. We are now living in a huge metroplex. The homes in our subdivision all are required to have these privacy fences. David refers to the yards (or lots) as cubicles ;)

  2. Love the photo of the kiddos! So stinkin' cute and beautiful! Your horse photos are great too! Beautiful animals! I'm more of a (small) city slicker vs. a country girl, but I would love to escape the country now and then. :) Just wanted to let you know I mentioned you and your blog on my latest post tonight :) I hope you are still enjoying the NC book I gave you when C was born! :)
    Here's the post: http://asliceofsmithlife.blogspot.com/2014/12/traveling-through-12-days-of-christmas.html

  3. I was trying to figure out which child was the city slicker and almost died laughing when you mentioned the woman behind the camera. lol. I bet you can totally rock the velour and flip flops. Very cute photos and beauty in northern TX. I just told hubby that I better start saving my pennies because somehow we need to meet. And I've never been to Texas :)


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