Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Up For the Challenge

A little background info...

Miss Sally belongs to Metro-Aquatics, a swim club that has seven locations in the DFW metroplex.  There's approximately 1200 swimmers total, some homeschool kids, but the vast majority being brick and mortar school kids.

Miss Sally's coach recently saw the potential for homeschoolers competing as a "private" team against other private schools.

(Homeschooling is legally considered "private" school.)

Over the summer, he inquired if there was an interest, and there most certainly was!  On his own donated time, Coach put together a rag tag team of 13 homeschool swimmers for a recent meet.

There were 4 middle schoolers who competed against other middle school "private" school teams, and 9 high schoolers.  This little team may have been small in number, but boy! were they mighty in the water!

They competed against other BIG high schools like JPII, Bishop Dunne Catholic, and Nolan Catholic ::

(John Paul II High School team, alone, took up an entire bleacher section!)

They competed against other Christian high school and grade schools from the DFW area as well.  It was a huge meet.

Metro relaxing after their warm ups...

And Coach telling them they need to come up with a team cheer...

Apparently, every school has a team cheer ;)

So here's the skinny on the results...

 They won every single relay event they raced, except one, and took second for that.  For the individual events, they placed every one.  It was absolutely thrilling to see them compete.

The parents of the other swimmers were wondering who Metro was ;)  "Homeschoolers?"


Girls (top two)
Metro 174
Nolan Catholic 137

Boys (top two)
John Paul II High School 122
Metro 83.50 **

**That was with ONLY 4 boys competing at the high school level.

And for the funny part?  It seems that there was some trash talk going on.  Some of the other swimmers were overheard saying, "Metro has fast swimmers because they homeschool and have time."   Umm....sure.  Okay.

I guess they assume our Chemistry, Geometry, Religion, History, English, Art, Driver's Ed, etc are all abbreviated and we just have tons of time on our hands to sit on the couch and eat bon bons (*wink*).

And for the coach that believes in them?

The kids all pitched in and surprised him with an appropriate thank you ;)

Their next homeschool swim meet is in December.  We are really looking forward to it!

Swim fast Metro!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Awwwww… don't leave us hanging! Did they ever come up with a team cheer? Can we make suggestions? (BTW… so awesome!)

  2. That is so great! It gives me chills!! :o) Becky PS I want to know the cheer, too!

  3. Way to go Metro!!!! Who knew, right? ! And who needs those huge schools with big fancy smacy banners. Just fast swimmers. I'm glad you have tons of time on your hands (wink) because you all kicked water... get it?

  4. I love this! Go Metro!! Well done.
    Since you all have so much time on your hands, I expect by the December meet you will have a cheer and some cute glittery signs that you made in art class. (kidding of course) Silly brick and mortar trash talkers. I'm happy to hear of the great success of a small team competing well and using their strengths. Oh, and for a coach who believes in them. Keep up the good work Sally!

  5. Oh Patty! What fun that was!! You know there's trash talk in all sports, but how often is it targeted toward you? It's almost a compliment. I can't imagine how amazing it must have been to watch those races. Were you just flabbergasted?
    What a great experience for the kids too. Yay!


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