Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Saints Go Marching In - to the ER

2014 All Saints Day

St. Helen

St. Helen is the Empress mother of Costantine the Great.  She converted to Christianity and performed many acts of charity, including building churches in Rome and in the Holy Land. On a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, Helena discovered the True Cross. She is believed to have died in Nicomedia. Her porphyry sarcophagus is in the Vatican Museum.  (Here)

(We found a Mary costume on Amazon.  I bought some red material at a fabric store.  David made the cross.  The crown was from an old costume.)

St. Paul

St. Paul was Jewish, born from the tribe of Benjamen, and a great persecutor of Christians, taking part in St. Stephen's death.  God stuck him blind at the time of his conversion on the road to Damascus.  St. Paul became known as the Apostle of the Gentiles through his missionary work, defender of the church, and life as an apostle.   (Here)

(We used an old angel costume and a robe I found at Goodwill for $2.  Stan carried his Holy Bible and carried his foam sword.)

St. Cecilia

St. Cecilia story is here :

Because of her preaching, St. Cecilia converted 400 persons whom Pope Urbin baptized.  She was imprisoned because of this, but not before her young husband and his brother converted as well.  Those men helped bury the martyrs daily.  When they refused to sacrifice to false gods, they were executed by the sword.

St. Cecelia invoked saints and angels and virgins to guard her virginity.  She told her husband (who was a pagan when she was forced to marry him), that angels watch over her and protect her.  When she was arrested for her preaching, she was condemned to death.  The first attempt to put her to death was burning.  The angels protected her and she was unharmed.  The second attempt was by a beheading.  The executioner struck her neck three times without being able to behead her.  Again, the angels watched over her.  She remained alive for three days, continuing her preaching, converting persons as she slowly bled to death.

(I used her ballerina costume - which I found at Cracker Barrel in late summer - from Halloween, and then gave her a harp to carry, which I found on Amazon.)

The Party 

What a treat that the Feast of All Saints day landed on a Saturday this year!  Because of that convenience, our homeschool group was able to have a BIG party.

The moms who planned this did a fantastic job!!  We cannot thank them enough :)

The kids started with the Rosary in church.  (The older ones took turns leading each decade.)  Afterward, the holy saints marched over to the hall for pictures, games, and food.  Oh my gosh!  They all looked SO CUTE!

Where the saints were basically tots through sixth grade, the older kids helped with the games.

The games were a riot, all having a saintly theme to them.  We found our ideas from Shower of Roses.

I signed  up for the St. Isidore Pumpkin Bowling game.  Kids were able to roll the pumpkins into the bushel basket.

Another family brought saint themed guessing jars.  (Our Lady of Mt. Carmel had caramels candies and the Communion of Saints had white mini marshmallows. )  There were about 10 jars in all.

Next was David and Goliath, where kids had the opportunity to hit Goliath in the head by throwing a ball at him.  Someone provided the Crowning Mary (halo toss) game.  And then there was the Knocking Down the Deadly Sins game.

And the fun continued.  Another family provided The Tower of Babel block game.  This was where someone timed a competition of who could build the highest tower to win.  We also had a St. Hubert's Shooting Gallery.  This was a hoot.  The family that brought this game supplied a couple of Nerf guns and kids would try to shoot and hit the devil.

There was a St. Andrew Fish and Bread bean bag toss.

The All Saints Musical Chairs game always had kids lined up to play.  The St. Anthony Lost and Found game was fun as well.  Kids had to search for the gold coin.  Once they found it, (which wasn't as easy to find as you think!), they were able to pick out a holy card.

Oh my goodness!  This was such a great party.


It ended with a bang when Miss Clementine  bumped into a very heavy, wooden, pedestal table, and it fell right on top of her head.  She's okay, but it really could have been more serious.

So it was off to the ER with her.  (Another parent drove our other kids home when the party was over.)

Good grief!  Head wounds bleed something TERRIBLE.  Yucko!

They gave her a CAT scan due to the size of the table that fell on her and then stapled her gash shut.  It was right on the top of her head.  We also found a HUGE knot near the base of her head and a rug burn near her hairline on her forehead from being forced into the carpet when it hit her head.

We are very grateful for the tremendous care she received from the staff.  They were amazing with her.

She is doing much better today!  She was woke up crying about four times during the night, but we are past the worst of it.  I've been up off and on all night checking on's orders.  So I am looking forward to a good nap today.

Feast of All Souls' Day

Today we commemorate the faithfully departed.  We will offer up our Rosary this evening for all souls in purgatory who need our prayers.

Wishing you all a very blessed and quiet Sunday!

~  Patty  ~


  1. I love all the ideas for the All Saint's Party!! My kids are all 5 and under and I feel like it's a very overwhelming day to celebrate...there's sooo much potential for information overload :) And how scary with the ER visit...we've had a few nasty head injuries around here too and it's very nerve wracking!! Hope she's feeling much better today!!

    1. Jamie, yes it can be indeed especially with Halloween the night before AND having little ones. I remember those days clearly. Only do what you can, even if it means telling them a short story about who the saints in heaven are. Your most important job is to love them and teach them about God. You will speak volumes to your children through your daily actions with them. Loving, hugging, and praying. ((Hugs))

  2. Oh what a great party Patty! Love all the games and fun! Your saints looked adorable! What a memorable day it was for so many reasons including the ER trip! Goodness that must have been scary! I'm so glad she is OK. All the angels and Saints were protecting your sweet cherub! We had a ASD party at my home that was short and sweet since I took my older kids to a Phantom of the Opera ballet at our downtown historic theater right after the ASD party. Hope to blog about our ASD soon! :)

    1. Thank you, Tracy. I'm looking forward to reading another beautiful post of yours!

  3. That looks like a great party and shows what we can do when everyone plays their part.
    So sorry about the table incident for Miss Clementine, the Guardian Angels were at work during the party! As you say, it could have been much worse. We are fortunate to have good, modern health care in our countries. Praying she recovers quickly and fully, xx

    1. Yes! Cooperation, group effort, was the key to success!!

      I was thinking about her guardian angel, too!! Especially when I heard the huge thump of that table hitting her. It was quite disturbing, the sound was. She's doing better than I am at the present...she had a nap 😉

  4. Bless her soul! And yours!!!
    Hugs from afar my friend!

    1. We all had a good night sleep last night. Thank Heavens, we all slept through the night.

  5. Poor little Clementine!! Hoping she heals quickly! What a brave girl. The party looks fabulous. So much fun.

    1. Brave indeed! She didn't freak out at the ER until she was stapled. And then she just cried really hard and yelled, "The doctor gave me a clink!" It must've been the sound of the staple gun.

  6. It hurts me to think about Miss Clementine, and I hope she's feeling much better. Oh, I know how those head wounds bleed!

    I love your saints :) !

  7. There's few things as cute and sweet as kids dressing up as saints! And there's nothing better than wanting to be a saint.

    Miss C is definitely feeling better! Thx!

  8. Hi Patty! Oh no! St. Cecilia had to go to the ER? I thank God that her angels were looking out for her. Oh my, what a crazy end to a wonderful day. Your photos are so clear! I am going to show this post to my daughter. She has little ones, and someday this would be an awesome way to celebrate the day with them.
    I hope Clementine is feeling better today. Did the popsicle help?
    Blessings for healing,

  9. Oh no! Poor baby girl. (and mom) I was so impressed by all the All Saints activities. I'm sorry it had to end that way. But it sure does sound like she was very lucky. I hope she continues to heal.

  10. Poor Clemintine...!! Glad she's OK traumatic though!! (for her and mama!)

    What an awesome All Saints party though! We used to have one, but the last couple years no one has done one...I've been doing other things for the group, so have not re-organized this event...

    (like our graveyard youth walk this weekend--for those indulgences and pizza and games at our home afterward)


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