Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Good News Update!!

Our heads are spinning from everything that's happened since last week!!!

Sarah will get her vision back!  Praise God!  It could happen as early as a month or as long as six months.

What can she see?  Well, with her current glasses, her vision is 20/60.  In the state of Texas, you cannot drive with a 20/40.  Everything is a blur.  No fine detail at all.

It is not vision loss connected to a perfect optic nerve, but rather, it is an issue with her flexibility of focus.  The muscle that control the flexibility of focus (people being able to focus up close and far way) is unable to function.  At all.

The muscle that controls the flexibility of focus is connected to the pupil.  The pupils are still  not back to normal yet (it's getting there) so they are inhibiting the muscles that control her flexibility.

They still cannot pinpoint what caused her AACA, but they strongly feel it had something to do with her immune system reacting to something...manifesting in her eyes.  It could have been as little as a spider bite!  Or a tick.  (Yes, they are testing for lyme disease.)

Whatever happened, we know for sure it was occurring last April/ May when she complained that she could not see very well with her current contact (and eye glass) prescription.  She said, "Mom, I feel like I need bifocals."  And I laughed, "Only middle age people and elderly need bifocals, like myself."

Ugh!  I wish I would have listened to her.

Yesterday, we were told in the eye exam that her eye looked prefect and healthy.  Today, there was a trace of inflammation again, but her pressure was perfect.

Inflammation affects the pupils.  Pupils affect the type of vision she is experiencing.  (We are connecting the dots!!)

We are thrilled with this news!  I could have floated home from the doctor's office!!  I could just feel the stress leave my body.

And another rare thing about Sarah....she is color blind (green- red)!  The chances of that are really slim!

We still need those prayers, if you don't mind.  We (hopefully) have an end in sight.  Thank you, again, for all the kind messages, and all of the prayers you have said for Sarah.  We know they are being heard and answered!

We will definitely have a very HAPPY Thanksgiving tomorrow!  Wishing you and yours a blessed Thanksgiving as well!

St. Lucy, Pray for us!


  1. What a blessing! We are still praying and singing our praises.

  2. I have been thinking about you non stop. Prayers will continue!

  3. Amen....amen...amen...
    Like our friend Tara, have been thinking of all of you.
    Thankful!!! Oh so thankful! : )

  4. We included her in our family rosary and my girls have been asking if there was an update. I'm so happy it's good news.

  5. Praise God!! I am so happy to re-read this update on Thanksgiving morning and share your joy. We are all celebrating with you and will keep on sending the prayers. So much love coming your way, dear Sarah, and family.

  6. Such good news! I'm so glad you have something to be so happy about today. Continued prayers for her complete recovery.

    PS one of my three brothers is green/red color blind!

  7. That's wonderful. So thankful you got this news. What a trial this has been! Will continue to pray!!
    Happy Thanksgiving, Patty.

  8. What a wonderful thanksgiving for Thanksgiving! That is such good news, and don't worry, I am still praying for Sarah and her sight. Blessings xx

  9. Still praying, still thinking of you, still praying


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