Friday, November 7, 2014

FYI - Christmas Gift Idea

Absolutely, hands down, had to share this one.

This cute, adorable little scooper comes in any colored crystal imaginable...even rainbow if you like rainbows.

I sent these out as gifts to some friends this past fall....(accidentally had one gift shipped to me instead of my friend, that's how I ended up with this one.  Good mistake!!)

I use mine to scoop my coffee.  Its cuteness just puts a smile on my face first thing in the morning!

Get this...$10 on Etsy!  You can find it here.

And she has oodles of other fun gadgets to choose from.  I sent a tea squeezer to another friend.

The seller, Ellen, makes these all by hand in her studio, and she is so sweet to work with!

Have someone hard to shop for?  Need a unique gift?  Working in a budget for Christmas?  Go check Ellen's shop out :)

NOTE:  I am getting no payment or credit or whatever type of freebie for endorsing this product.

Happy shopping!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Now that looks like a touch of fun - thanks for the tip!

  2. I NEED a tea squeezer. I mean, I didn't know that such a thing existed until just now, but I totally need one now! I'm sending a link to my husband immediately! I'll act surprised on Christmas morning, I promise. ;)

  3. I totally agree, using the scoop (thank you Patty :) in the morning for my coffee somehow brightens the day. I mean how is that?! But it does! I think it is such a great and unique gift. I really need to head over to her shop. A tea squeezer? No clue that even existed, but I bet my dad would really find it beneficial. He may not appreciate the beading, but my mom would :) Thanks for the link and reminder to hop on over to her shop.

  4. Hi Patty! I love sparkling things, so this just calls to me. I have seen these kinds of things in stores, measuring spoons, cheese slicers...and I think they were more than $10. I'm sure this gift was very well received, and how fun to mail one to yourself! ( I might have to make that mistake someday!)
    Thanks for sharing!


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