Monday, November 10, 2014

Fall Sets In - Daybook Post

Outside my window ~

Last Tuesday a cold front moved in and it brought a little bit of rain.

Miss Ester and I were sitting on her bed working on some English.  Even though it was damp and dreary out, we were warm and cozy inside.

It will be near 80 for us today, BUT! Tomorrow and the rest of the week is going to be a totally different story.

I am thankful for ~

* Veterans!!

* Our wonderful date night celebrating his birthday.

* My children who inspire me to grow in faith.

* Awesome airline ticket prices!!  (I purchased a RT, non-stop ticket on Southwest, Chicago to Dallas for my mom - $88!!)  We are bringing Grammy down the end of January will it should be warmer than the Chicago area.

* Amazon Prime.  UPS.  They are my best friends at this time of the year.  Seriously.

From the school room ~

Sometimes, when the older four all need help or work checked at the same time, my eyes can start to go cross-eyed or gloss over.  There's only so much this old lady's brain can absorb at once.  It's been so nice to see that they can (in many cases) help each other out or check one another's work.

From the kitchen ~

Veggie Mac & Cheese (shredded carrots and chopped cauliflower).  Thank you, Giada!

(I'll post the recipe and more pics soon.)

What I am reading ~

Thanks to Barbara, who suggested I look into, I finally found a book!

I ordered the kindle version of,  The Aviator's Wife.  (Historical fiction of Anne Morrow Lindbergh's life.)

I'm 1/2 way through it.  I like it, but dang!  Charles Lindbergh was a NOT the man I thought he was.  (I won't give away and surprises, but I would suggest looking up his clandestine lifestyle.)

Around my house ~

* We celebrated Miss Sally's baptism birthday.

If you are a fairly new follower and are wondering what is a baptism birthday, it's when we remember the day each of us were baptized.  We bring out the Baptism candle to relight.  I also pick up a small, faith based gift.

St. Frances Cabrini (A.K.A. Mother Cabrini).

Miss Sally's Confirmation saint.  

At the time of her Confirmation, I had quite a hard time finding a statue of St. Cabrini that was not obnoxiously priced.  A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled upon one at a Catholic gift store - $16!  

* David turned 46 on November 9.  I just adore this man.  His love of God, faith, family, and country inspires me daily.  He is so devoted to me and the children.  I am so blessed to be his wife.

I am thinking about ~

* Advent!  It'll be here before we know it.  December is filled with so many colorful and meaningful feast days as well.  Such a holy yet exciting time!

* The cold weather that will blanket most of the continental United States this week.  Brrrr....

Coming down the pike this week ~

* Horse lessons for Ester and Mabel on Tuesday.
* Moms Night Out - I organized this month's event.  The homeschool moms are going bowling on Tuesday night.
* Feast of St. Frances Cabrini on Thursday.
* Eye appointments for the four older kids Thursday and Friday.  (I take them two at a time.)
* Little Flowers/ Little Women on Friday night.
* Miss Sally's swim meet on Saturday.
* Dallas Arboretum (preview to the 12 Days of Christmas exhibit) Sunday.
* Miss Mabel's baptism birthday on Sunday.

A final photo to share ~

I love the smell of new books.  Here's our newest for Thanksgiving :)

Have a great week!  Stay safe and warm!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Did you hear my *gasp* outloud when I saw that book? I did gasp! I have it and collect as many versions of "over the river" as I can find. You have a wonderful one! I've loved that book since I was a little girl and found that one at a author/illustrator book signing last year. Oh man, wishing I got one signed for you all! ~ love the date night picture and your gushing love of your husband.. love that! Have a wonderful week oh, and yeah for flying your mom down in January!

  2. Your expressed love for your husband speaks volumes about his personality and faith life! Awesome. You're a lucky gal. ;-)

  3. Hi Patty! Your outfit is so darn cute!! Love the boots. And your love for your husband is evident in your writing my friend, what a blessed man to have you as his loving wife.
    Yay Mother Francis Cabrini!! There was a wonderful shrine to her in Chicago, but I think it moved. Hmmm. Can't remember where it went?
    You got a HUGE savings on that ticket for your mom. Nice work!
    PS I wrote down the name of that book. I have read many inspirational quotes from A.M. Lindbergh...I guess she earned her wisdom?

  4. I forgot to say... I thought... really thought you were your daughter when I saw that picture of you and your husband~


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