Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Adoption Awareness Month - Daybook Post

Outside my window ~

Rain.  It's coming, inching it's way ever so slowly.

I am thankful for ~

* For the Guardian Angel who watched over Miss Clementine when she had her accident last Saturday afternoon.

* For our network of A-MA-ZING friends.

* Our son!!  November is National Adoption Month.

* Our son's birth mother and ALL birth mothers, they are so courageous.

From the school room ~

* Stan and Mabel are sharing the same science program, (Apologia, Land Animals of the Sixth Day).  They had a fun experiment last Friday...dissecting an owl pellet, (indigestible parts of their prey).

(Those are the remains of a mouse.  They are pointing to the skull.)

* This is mid term week of Quarter 2.  Time is flying!!

* Living Liturgy for November ::

November 1 - All Saints Day.  (We had a great party!)
November 2 - All Souls Day
November 6 - Miss Sally's baptism birthday
November 13 - St. Frances Cabrini (Sally's Confirmation saint)
November 16 - Miss Mabel's baptism birthday
November 19 - St. Elizabeth of Hungary
November 22 - St. Cecilia (Miss Clementine's patron saint)
November 24 - David's baptism birthday

From the kitchen ~

I tried a new recipe on Sunday.

Butterscotch Molten Cake with pecan ice cream a la mode.

I want to tweak the recipe a bit before I post it.  My husband liked it, but I think I would have liked a chocolate molten cake better.  Now, that sounds yummier to me ;)

David prepared Sunday dinner since I hadn't had a nap from the excitement of the night before.

He made Stuffed Jumbo Shells, (recipe here), salad, and rolls.

What I am reading ~

Still looking.  I  haven't had much of a chance to look.  Last week was filled to the brim with hyper active kids, both at home and at Confirmation class.

What I am praying for ~

* Birth mothers

* Adoptive families

* Children still waiting to be adopted

* Unborn babies

* For the souls in purgatory

Around my house ~

Big sister Sally soaked the ballerina dress after Miss Clementine's accident.  When we got home from the ER, it was hung up and drying nicely.  She was able to get all the blood out!!

Someone is feeling MUCH better!

David made a fire for our Sunday night family rosary.  It was a beautiful evening to remember the Feast of All Souls.

I am thinking about ~

A new purse.

I would love to get a leather purse made of great quality that will last forever.  I'm looking for a classic look, a style that never goes out of style.  And a neutral color.

 I have the hardest time shopping for them because I find them either too big or too small, slipping off the shoulder or not long enough.  I see some on Amazon, but I would like to see and feel the measurements before purchasing.

When I have found one in a store, the price tag is shocking.   I refuse to pay more than a certain price because I think it ends up being extremely materialistic at that point.  On the realistic end...I know a good quality leather purse can be purchased for $75-$125.

Suggestions on leather brands?

Coming down the pike this week ~

* Miss Sally's baptism birthday on Thursday
* Physical Therapy for a daughter on Thursday
* Miss Clementine's follow up to the pediatrician on Friday
* Troopers of St. George family field day on Saturday
* David's birthday on Sunday

A final photo to share ~

Stan the man's adoption day is November 3.  Our little tradition is chocolate cake on his special day :)

I love this boy!

Have a great week!

~  Patty ~


  1. So happy Clemintine is feeling better...little sweetie pie!!

    OK, my first thought seeing you all outside by the campfire is "What about the SCORPIANS?????"

    Then, I was like, "oh, that's so nice"

    CONGRATULATIONS ON your gotcha day!! Is it Congratulations, or best wishes, or I'm so happy for you all!!!?

    chocolate cake looks amazing. It would be my pick too.

    Purses....purses...why go leather, you'll get sick of the same purse. I know you will. I would. I like to change every couple years...or you know when the current one wears out. Of course my purses are not cool or anything.

    So don't ask me.
    Sorry, I'm not any help.

    God bless you, have a joyfilled week!

    1. Whatever well wishes you pass along for Stan is just fine :)

      Scorpions hide under things, like chopped wood on the pile. But David is in charge of the chopped wood. I'll let him figure it out.

      The purse. I love to keep things simple. I've had a purse for each season, thank you Vera Bradley, and I just don't like it. Too much "stuff". I try to de clutter as much as possible and that has moved toward purses. That's why is like one that I could use year round. Make sense?

  2. It's good to see Clementine up and around. I've been thinking of her and sending prayers.
    It looks like you have a lot of celebrating on tap and many happy memories. Enjoy the cake and special treats! Yum.
    As for purses, gee, I wish I knew too. I bought a purse at Target in the late winter last year and I really like it, but I'm almost getting sick of it already :( I bought a bigger one so that I could stop carrying around diapers and wipes in a separate 'diaper' bag. It rarely worked out that way in the end as the girls were always coming up with other random stuff to bring along, so a separate bag was always in the van any way. sigh. M is still in diapers (the horror!!), so I still bring the diaper/wipes but rarely need them. This purse just doesn't seem right now, stuff always goes to the bottom and the compartments just don't work for my 'stuff'. Why don't they have a 14 day trial period where you can try out a purse and then return if you don't like it? Now that's a good idea. You kind of need to use one for a while to see if it's functional and fits your needs. Keep us posted if you do find a good one.

    Have a good rest of the week!

    1. A 14 day trial is EXACTLY what I would love! Great idea!

  3. I missed the post about Miss Clementine. Poor baby girl. How terrifying. I'm glad her angel took good care of her.

    I would like to have a really nice leather purse, too, but I am hard on purses. I usually end up with a Lands end medium-sized canvas back. This winter's in black and white herringbone. Big enough for all my junk, and washable!


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