Saturday, November 1, 2014

All Hallows' Eve

This year's pumpkin carvings...

(Starting top left going clockwise...Ester's horse, Mabel's Lone Star State, Stan's bat, and Sally's Rangers' logo.)

2014 Cast...

Miss Ester made this when she saw the idea on pinterest.  (I LOVE it!)

R "Tu Tu" D2

Captain America

Here kitty, kitty


Five little pumpkins sitting on a fence...

Only two of these candy bags were used this year.  Miss Sally stayed home to pass out candy, and Miss Ester and Mabel opted for white pillow cases (they're growing up ;).

I have purchased them at Lillian Vernon over the years.

A small dessert to go with dinner...

We start trick or treating before the sun sets.  Once it went down, I brought the ballerina home and the bigger kids stayed out.

She had a few pieces of candy...

And then spent 45 minutes taking inventory...(MY most peaceful moment of the entire day!!)

This was her first time to trick or treat and after the second house, she had the concept mastered!

She kept telling Stan to "follow the light,"  and that  "the light means candy!"

She was not afraid of any "scary" object, except for the dogs.  "I don't want the doggy to take my treat!"

And for today, the feast of All Saints, our homeschool group is having a BIG All Saints party.  So I best keep moving...we have some saintly costumes to put together.

~  Patty  ~


  1. Your trick-or-treaters look wonderful, Patty!!!!!
    Halloween is so much fun with our littles, isn't it?
    Madison decided to ride along with us with a couple of her friends.
    I was sooo happy!
    There we the chilly rain, all piled into our van...
    Memories. : )
    Glad you all had fun.
    Now...on to the holiday season!?!?

  2. What a great cast! My girls were totally into it this year too. They had been told by the big kids if they were too shy and didn't say anything at someone's door, no candy. They were pleased by their haul and sorting through all of the goodies. The kids also get their new Christmas ornament from grandpa and grandma, so the girls are now eager to move on to Christmas and hanging them up. Good grief, one thing at a time! The ornaments are pretty cute, I'll admit :)

    I hope you all had a wonderful All Saints day celebrating!

  3. Loved hearing how she had it mastered this year!

  4. Holy cow! Your pumpkins are amazing! And your kids' cute! And we have those very same trick or treat bags, except my kids are all too cool or too big to use them unfortunately. Looks like your Halloween was perfect! <3

  5. I LOVE all the costumes but I must say the R-tutu-D2 getup is my fav. So clever!

    Amazing how little gal spent 45 minutes sorting candy…without eating it all! Such self-control!

    :o) Becky

  6. Those pumpkins are amazing and all of the costumes look fabulous. Love the R tu tu D2- very creative! Happy Halloween/All Saints and blessed All Souls day to your family.


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