Friday, October 24, 2014

What's For Sunday Dinner?


Since it will be Miss Sally's birthday, she wanted to order out  some Arby's roast beef sandwiches.  Sounds good to me ;)

And for dessert?

Birthday cake from Market Street.

She wants to take  cupcakes to  youth group Sunday night to celebrate with her friends, so we decided that we will be making Black Bottom Cupcakes.

Chocolate cupcakes with a cream cheese, chocolate chip filling baked in the middle.

The first time I ever sank my choppers into one of these was in 1995.  I was  teaching 6th grade and a student's grandmother brought these in for her birthday celebration.  I got the recipe from her... 19 years ago.   (Wow!  I feel old!)

 Anyone else have a birthday this weekend?

Have a great weekend and a blessed Sunday!

~  Patty  ~


  1. I think sandwich's from Arby's sounds like a grand idea :) Those cupcakes look awesome!

  2. Happy Birthday to your girl my friend!!!!!
    Yay for Arby's!!!!
    And yes...those cupcakes are amazing!!!!

  3. Oh man... I haven't had an Arby's roast beef sandwich in years and years and years! Have one for me, okay? And a wonderful, happy, sweet, amazing birthday to your girl!

  4. I love Arby's!!! It is my craving when I am pregnant… And those cupcakes, yum!!

    No plans here for Sunday dinner, although we are ~hoping~ for a birthday this weekend. ;o) Just taking a day at a time (due date was Friday). I did bake pumpkin bread and banana bread today, and will be working on an apple pie. So there's always that!

    Happy Birthday, Miss Sally!

    :o) Becky

  5. Hi Patty! Happy birthday weekend at the Hughes Ranch! So much fun :)
    My son's birthday is next week, so that's close to a birthday weekend? Those cupcakes look downright decadent. MMmmmm. I know they'll be a hit!
    Happy Sunday,


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