Sunday, October 26, 2014

She's 15 Now!


At 4:52am she officially turned 15.

Today will turn too quickly into yesterday.   So for now, I'll relish this moment.

At 15, she is an Avengers fan.

And a big sister who needed a new Miraculous Medal as well as clothes.

(Little brother was on a camp out this weekend, so he missed the photo op.)

She is a super swimmer and her team colors and blue.

Next up?

Her driver's permit!  (Oh geesh!)

I am thrilled to pieces that God lent her to us!

Happy birthday to our sweet Sarah!

Mom & Dad


  1. Happy Happy to your lovely daughter!!!!!
    Soon to be driver?!?!

  2. Happy birthday!! God bless you sweet girl! We all also love The Avengers!! You seem like you have an awesome personality!! (with all the fun things you like)

    That cake? Did you decorate that Patty? It's beautiful!

  3. Happy Birthday to your sweet Sarah! She shines!
    (and I love the Avenger's too!)

  4. "God lent her to us"...Isn't that the truth? How blessed we are with these souls that have been entrusted to us. Oh my, I think I need an Avenger to help me with that responsibility! Lol She's a beaut, inside and out! Please give her a hug for me:)


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